Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pre Shenzhen Preparations

Shenzhen Girlfriend Getaway Group (3G) trip is just hours away. Preparations are well on the way. Visa done. Tickets printed, hotels booked and itinerary checked. However, I have not packed though. But then this is not a new thing. I'm always so liat at packing. When I travel with ABE, he'd at times get very upset with me coz' I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to doing the packing.

Since packing wasn't really on my mind, I dragged Nissa and Bibik to help me make serunding for the trip. The three strong ladies of the house got to work and we completed the job around 4.00pm. Yess...we are going to have a feast in Shenzhen nanti.

Sempat posing Mom & Daughter...lepas serunding masak

Mouth watering......

Off to Shenzhen u cup cakes...

Tak cukup dengan serunding, just now I made some cupcakes. Also for makan during the trip. But of course Nissa & Farah tak sempat sejuk lagi those cakes dah habis half of them. Well, there's one more night esok. If habis, I'll make somemore heh..heh :-)


her said...

comel nyer nissa!

n sedap nyer serunding!!!

buat apa di shenzen pn k?

kay_leeda said...


Nissa comel?? Heh..heh...tgk ler Mommy dia...(kah perasan yang max)

Buat apa gi Shenzhen? Apa lagi if not SHOPPING. Went with my girlfriends...mmg tak hingat membeli. Duit habis...suka hati ;-)

~Pn Kay~