Sunday, August 10, 2008

3G Makan

It's about two more weeks to the 3G Shenzhen Retail Therapy. And how else would we start the last leg of the countdown....apa lagi MAKAN lah!!

The 3Gs came over to my house for tea today. Gempaq!!! Penuh satu meja with food. As for me, it was a good get together. Some of us have not met each other, so it was kinda like an orientation session. But walaupun for some first time we clicked as if we have been friends for ages.

Thanks to Bibik who prepared the food. Plus everyone brought something to fill up the table.

3Gs....we are on our way to Shenzhen!!! Yezzzaaaa......

L to R (Rose, K.Ariza, Ja, Jupe (seated), Me & Muni)

Also special thanks to Bibik for snapping this pic of us. Since Bibik ni masak dah pass, clean house dah OK. Next skill to work on would be the photo taking skills.... ;-))

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