Friday, August 22, 2008

Yippy....Finally "THE END"

It finally ended. Done. Finito. I'm refering to my camp in Kuala Selangor. After 8 days of camping in a school remote enough to drive a city girl like me go nuts, I guess I pretty much survived it all -the adventures, blazing heat and humble school-turned-resort type of accomodation.

The language camp had its equal share of ups and downs, exchange of harsh words as well as twisting of arms whenever needed. But one thing for sure, it pays to have a good team. And this was something I was very lucky to have. This camp went well because of the commitment from my team - the trainers and facilitators, all 13 of them.

The "heroes" of camp 1. Flat on the third day. Exhaustion took over after continuous jumping and running around.

"Sha" - the smallest student in Camp 2

I'm going to miss those school kids - the notorious hyper ones from Camp 1 and the diligent ascetic lot from Camp 2. We ate, slept, laughed and cried together. We even raced each other taking our baths, fearing that the water would run out. There were mosquitoes, insects and funny looking bugs everywhere, some of them making their initial debut before me. There were restless nights fearing that the sky might pour. There were officials to deal with, sponsors to please and parents to assure. To sum it up, it wasn't an easy task. One wrong move or one miscalculation, the well being of the kids may be at stake. It was obviously a big responsibility for me to shoulder. It was a challenge for me and I am so thankful that I was able to do the job.

Appearance wise, I am so tanned from being in the sun. I also think I have grown a few inches bigger. No thanks to the 6 times of "makan" in the camp. I probably have to go for a lulur session in the next few days. Plus a full body massage is also in my mind. Relax, rewind and recharge...ahhh I so very much need that.

Kak Bed signing autographs

Tonight, I shall sleep in my bed again. No more 2 inches mattress and sleeping in a dorm like manner. But I'm already missing those kids, their loudness and everything else about them. Some of these kids have started calling their "abang or kakak facilitators", even before we drove away from the school. Some of them called from public phones only wanting to hear the "abang or kakak" voices. It was the care, understanding and closeness that really won the hearts of these kids.

Dah habiss....posing time!!

Well bye-bye for now kids. Hope to meet another camp perhaps? Uuummmmmpppppp.............................................................................................

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