Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another Donut Joint

We stumbled upon yet another donut joint in the city - Big Apple Donuts & Coffee, located at the Gardens Mid Valley. It has almost the same concept as J.Co Donuts where you get to be aromatically tantalized as you queue for your donuts.

One thing I was glad though, the queue wasn't as long as the one at J.Co. It was fast moving too. In less than 10 minutes, I got myself a dozen of those donuts.

Taste wise how do they fair? Personally, I'd still prefer those J.Co ones. They are more fluffy if compared to the Big Apple. But all in all, I welcome the variety offered by both Big Apple and J.Co. They surely beat those from Dunkins donuts flat!!

Birthday Cupcakes for Nissa

Step 1 - Cupcakes dough ready for baking

Step 2 - Baked cupcakes - cool off

Final outcome - chocolate & raisin cupcakes topped with chocolate icing.

I made cupcakes for Nissa's birthday do. I had put some simple decorations on the cupcakes. Topped with chocolate icing and sugar stars on them...ummm...yummy!!!

Nissa's Birthday - 11th March

Nissa, my youngest turned 7 last Tuesday. We however had celebrated her birthday during the GE 12 weekened. It was a combined celebration, for both my mom and Nissa.

The modest do was held in my home, attended by her cousins, aunties, Grandma minus ABE who had gone back to S'ban to send his mom to cast her vote ;-)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Rakyat Has SPOKEN

The results of the 12th election is finally out. Alhamdullilah...the Rakyat has spoken. Their votes spoke of what they felt of the rulling party.

The new face for P 108 Shah Alam Parlimentary seat.

I am exceptionally thrilled that the Rakyat especially in Selangor, denied the previous rulling party to form the state government. Thus, denying the mandate to the former Chief Minister to sit in the office for the next 4 years. There will be a new face now. And this new face will come from the opposition coalition.


The winds of change has swept the nation. "It's a tsunami." That was how one of the opposition leaders described it. To me, it's a tsunami with a message written all over it. There will be bitter loosers all over the country and now they will be finger pointing at each other for loosing miserably. It is something difficult for the rulling government to swallow.

All in all I wouldn't say that the Rakyat totally rejected the rulling government. We removed the dead wood and replaced them with new faces. We swayed our votes for them.

To the new representatives..remember all the promises made. The Rakyat had put their trust in all of you. Serve your voters well. Work sincerely and rest assured, we will be able make this beloved country of ours one successful, prominent and outstanding nation...InshaAllah.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Lighter Side of the Election

When it was first announced that the election day was going to be March 8th 2008, many creative jokes made their way to my teh tarik sessions. There were so many...some funny some weren't. But I like this one best.

*Mr PM, Toll Minister & Pilot*

Mr PM and the TOLL Minister were in a helicopter touring the country. They were both looking out to the people below. Mr PM told the TOLL Minister this. "I want to make people down there happy. This is what I will do. If I were to throw out two hundred ringgit using two pieces of hundred ringgit note, I will be able to make 2 persons down there happy." The TOLL Minister just smiled and he then replied, "No Mr PM...not like that. I have a better idea. If I throw down two hundred ringgit using one ringgit note, I'd make 200 persons happy down there." Mr PM said to the TOLL Minister, " are right. My math no good lah and I ni mudah lupa lah."

The Pilot who was keeping mum all these while, couldn't take all the crap he's been listening to any longer. He too wanted to give his two cents worth on the whole issue. So he asked if he could say something. Mr MP and TOLL Minister said of course they'd llike to listen to what the Pilot has to say.

So the Pilot said this to them. "If I throw out the TWO of you out of this helly, I'd make 27 million people out there happy!!!" bout that?

*Anuar Who?*
Nissa saw this poster while I was browsing some blogs last night. She read out the headline loudly. Then she said this to me, "Anuar ni ...Anuar Zain ye Mama?"

Now that is what I call true innocence.

The Heat is ON

Just hours away to the Nation's 12th Election and things are definately getting heated up. Since mid-day today I've been getting text messages on whereabouts of the electorial candidate's ceramahs. Last text message I received late afternoon today was on Datuk Seri Anuar Ibrahim's ceramah somewhere near Angkasapuri tonite.

A friend called asking if I was going. I told her I wasn't feeling well and I felt a flu coming down my way. I told her that catching the news in the blog sites is good enough if you don't really want to be in the crowd. I must confess...being in a big crowd makes me giddy at times. Something I have been experiencing since I was small.

It's also raining cats and dogs outside. I could hear male voices from my living room where I am doing my posting now. I looked out the window and what do I see??? A couple of young guys putting up posters on the tree just outside my fence. They were all basah lencun!!! When I took a closer peek at the poster they have put up, I saw it was the dacing poster. Urghhh...more of "those faces" outside my window huh, when I wake up tomorrow. I hope the rain will wash them away, just like what heppened to the ones they put up last weekend...heh..heh..heh.

Yesterday, I found a CD in my mailbox. It was a CD about one of the electorial candidates for P108- Parlimen Shah Alam – Ir. Khalid Abd Samad (PAS) . Talk about methods of reaching out to the fellow voters...creative I must say. Unlike incumbent ole man, he's still taking about the good old days, still living in the past. Come on...wake up...wake up ole man!!!

Apa-apa pun...I am pretty set with my choice. I'm not telling the whole world here who I will cross this Saturday....but I guess you don't really have to think hard to figure out to whom my vote will go to ;-)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Election Ceramah...borinnnggggg

There was an election ceramah held by the Barisan Nasional guys last night. It ended just a while ago. When I came back from dinner, there were cars parked haphazardly along the main road next to my house.

At home, I saw my maid and a few of her Indon friends already seated waiting to hear the speaker speak. Huh??? Indons listening to cerita politik?? Whatever lah...

Then curiosity got into me. I asked my daughter to walk with me to the carpark area where the ceramah was held. I wanted to see what the crowd was like. From inside my home compound, it didn't seem like full house of people seated under the tent.

When I got closer, true enough. There were just a couple of people seated....hardly 30 pax. The rest were onlookers and many looked like those mat rempits who were eager to collect their share (money maybe?) after the ceramah was over. They didn't look like people who are eligible to vote yet. Then came a sweet girl who gave me a small packet. hot curry puff & donut lorrr!!! Bagus punyer kempen...I told myself. But it takes more than curry puffs and donut to buy my vote. But rezeki...I tak tolak...heh..hehe.

It was a boring entertained themselves with the bubbles.

I heard Mr MP spoke for a while. He was talking about his early days as an money, drive an ordinary car....worked for the people etc..etc. Yeah..yeah..yeah...we know that. So now, could you please stop the talk and get down to real business of being an MP for the people. Show it to us how a man of caliber you are. How you can improve your constituent.... But of course, there was no mention about all those (and why am I not surprised).

Up, up and away...into the sky..the bubbles went

It started to drizzle later and more people left. There were just about 7 people seated under the tent. My maid and friends had dispersed. She was laughing at the fact that there were just a handfull of people still listening to the ceramah.

They finally wrapped things up by midnite. But I must thank them for talking about history (well that's about all they talk about at the ceramahs) for my PMR sitting daughter got a free history lesson tonite. But best of all, their ceramah put ABE to slumberland earlier than his usual zzzz time.

Election Posters

When I woke up last Saturday morning, ABE told me that my favourite guy's face can be seen out of our bedroom window., I screamed!!! That would be "close encounter" of the worst kind.

Sorry ah Mr MP. Dun look at me...not my doing yah.

But thanks to the heavy downpour, some of the posters were distroyed by the strong winds and heavy rain by evening time ;-))

Monday, March 3, 2008

Election Fever

Politics have never been my fancy. However, I remember those days when my late father was still alive, he had been an ardent supporter of the rulling party in the goverment. He had always participated in the elections, either as a spokesperson for the party or as an election official. If I recall well, he had been the counter for votes for more than once. But I guess those days, the political wave in the country was different than how it is now.

Could this be the rakyat's choice?

The rakyat will go to the polls in 4 days time. Most tv & radio stations talk about nothing else other than how good is the present rulling party and a hundred and one reason as to why we must brush aside the opposition electorial candidates. The members of parliment are showing off their report cards to the people. They claimed that they have done so much....resolve the floods, widen roads, created new business opportunities...blah..blah..blah.... The list is endless.

Or this perhaps?

The country is now like a stand still. Everywhere around us is talk on politics. Even as I am writing, there is a guy blaberring outside about how we should be grateful with the peace and harmony in the country. Yeah..yeah..yeah... I AM GRATEFUL INDEED. Many thanks to the government for keeping the country intact, well almost intact.

A rocket perhaps?

But the issue here is not so much if we are grateful or not. Being grateful doesn't equate to condoning the wrong doings in the government. Wrong is wrong. Someone has got to bring it up. Someone has to put it right....and this is the simple POINT we are putting across.

So make the right choice. Vote wisely!!