Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Rakyat Has SPOKEN

The results of the 12th election is finally out. Alhamdullilah...the Rakyat has spoken. Their votes spoke of what they felt of the rulling party.

The new face for P 108 Shah Alam Parlimentary seat.

I am exceptionally thrilled that the Rakyat especially in Selangor, denied the previous rulling party to form the state government. Thus, denying the mandate to the former Chief Minister to sit in the office for the next 4 years. There will be a new face now. And this new face will come from the opposition coalition.


The winds of change has swept the nation. "It's a tsunami." That was how one of the opposition leaders described it. To me, it's a tsunami with a message written all over it. There will be bitter loosers all over the country and now they will be finger pointing at each other for loosing miserably. It is something difficult for the rulling government to swallow.

All in all I wouldn't say that the Rakyat totally rejected the rulling government. We removed the dead wood and replaced them with new faces. We swayed our votes for them.

To the new representatives..remember all the promises made. The Rakyat had put their trust in all of you. Serve your voters well. Work sincerely and rest assured, we will be able make this beloved country of ours one successful, prominent and outstanding nation...InshaAllah.

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