Friday, March 7, 2008

Lighter Side of the Election

When it was first announced that the election day was going to be March 8th 2008, many creative jokes made their way to my teh tarik sessions. There were so many...some funny some weren't. But I like this one best.

*Mr PM, Toll Minister & Pilot*

Mr PM and the TOLL Minister were in a helicopter touring the country. They were both looking out to the people below. Mr PM told the TOLL Minister this. "I want to make people down there happy. This is what I will do. If I were to throw out two hundred ringgit using two pieces of hundred ringgit note, I will be able to make 2 persons down there happy." The TOLL Minister just smiled and he then replied, "No Mr PM...not like that. I have a better idea. If I throw down two hundred ringgit using one ringgit note, I'd make 200 persons happy down there." Mr PM said to the TOLL Minister, " are right. My math no good lah and I ni mudah lupa lah."

The Pilot who was keeping mum all these while, couldn't take all the crap he's been listening to any longer. He too wanted to give his two cents worth on the whole issue. So he asked if he could say something. Mr MP and TOLL Minister said of course they'd llike to listen to what the Pilot has to say.

So the Pilot said this to them. "If I throw out the TWO of you out of this helly, I'd make 27 million people out there happy!!!" bout that?

*Anuar Who?*
Nissa saw this poster while I was browsing some blogs last night. She read out the headline loudly. Then she said this to me, "Anuar ni ...Anuar Zain ye Mama?"

Now that is what I call true innocence.

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