Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nubhan's - Aku Ada Untuk Mu

Minutes before I arrived at my office this morning this new song which Nubhan sang during the finals of the AF6 concert came on air. My car was already parked but I stayed on for a litttle longer to wait for this song to finish. After listening to it, I had this sudden melancholy feeling. Napa entah....ader lah teringat kan seseorang yg pernah berkata sedemikian kepada daku. Oww....jiwang la plak!!!

I was glad that Nubhan's performance was already on You Tube and the lyrics of this song was also up in Sultan Muzaffar's blog.

Aku Ada Untukmu

Di sana pungguk menanti
Mengharap bulan membalas rindu di hati
Di sini aku berdiri
Menunggu penuh dengan kesabaran
Tanpa manis madah
Janji yang puitis
Tuk persembahan
Hanya ketulusan
Sekeping hati suci

Berikan kasih
Kalau itu yang kau mahu dari ku
Berikan cinta
Untuk membahagiakan hari mu
Sayang dirimu (menyayangimu)
Biarpun nafas ku sampai terhenti
Akan ku kota janji kita

Mendirikan Taj Mahal cinta
Seteguh kasih
Shah Jehan kepada Mumtaznya
Terasa indah pabila berdua

Semakin tiba saat bahagia
Merai cinta kita

Song : Zeti Akmar
Lyrics: Abie Abdullah

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Winner is.....

Stacy - the Winner

Riz - 2nd place

3rd place - Nubhan (caya lah warih...orghang Josseh and my sedara)

The results of AF finals.....

Fifth place - Nadia
Fourth palce - Toi
Third place - Nubhan
Second place - Riz
First place - Stacy

Congratulations to ALL!!!

Adlin Arman Ramli - GO HOME!!!!

I am watching the AF final concert as I write this entry. All five students Toi, Riz, Nubhan, Nadia and Stacy have performed their 1st round of songs. Performance wise, they averagely did ok. Obviously there were some who were better than the other. Adat lah kan...bila competition. There are ok ones and there are some not so ok ones. Nama nyer pun students. Budak-budak who have gone through about 10 weeks of vocal trainings and performance coaching in an academy called Akademi Fantasia.


I don't want to say much about the students' performance. What irks me so much is one jury at this concert. I personally feel this particular jury is so unfair with his comments. He said some unbecoming words while he commented one student's performance. The student is Nadia, a small petite girl who has a powerful voice. It was obvious that Adlin favours this Nadia girl. Thus giving such glorious comments on Nadia's performace. However, as he patronizes Nadia, he insensitively made a remark comparing Nadia's performance to the other two students Nubhan & Toi.


Adlin made this remark saying that he wants to see more of Nadia's powerful like performance and not those "tak bertenaga" ones of Nubhan and Toi. Wei...hello....Mr Adlin have you no sense of fair judgement? Nadia had like 8 back up dancers with her during her performance. Nubhan and Toi were left to sing on their own on the big and spacious stage. They were left to capture the audience attention solely with their own acts. They moved around on stage with their simple dance. Simple yet enough to entertain the audience. Well, I was entertained.


So what I am getting at is that this arrogant Mr Adlin has got things too much up his head. Be fair with your comments. Yes, Adlin has his own talk show. But, if I were to list out his hambar jokes in his talk show, he'd probably not have his contract renewed for the another season. So, I'm telling u ADLIN....go home....stop picking on these kids. Keep your mouth!!!

For those of you who don't know what am I rattling about, it's OK. I just need an outlet to kutuk this Adlin guy. Anyway, this is my blog so I am free to write what I like.

Mohabbatein - Love Stories

I am feeling kinda stressed as the weekend approaches. Very much due to the back to back deadlines of FRPs (request for proposal) for submission to clients. My sister had buzzed me Friday evening telling me that ISETAN was having a sale for members. Also that night Muni informed that Parkson is also having a sale. Arkhhsss...apa ni!! I should be out there doing retail therapy. But instead I am bogged with work and more work. This really sulks!!

So this afternoon with some push and encouragements from Nissa, I am determined to get the propasals completed. Esok boleh gi jalan-jalan. And perhaps do some baking too. Ummppp...lama dah tak indulge in those yummy cupcakes. Sinful pun sinful lah...

I scanned the programs on tv to see which one would be good in keeping me company while I do my work. Nothing very, very interesting though. Then I switched to TV3 and this Hindi movie - Mohabbatein was just about to start. Ok lah...citer hindustan pun citer hindustan lah. Perhaps this would help churn more ideas out of me.

So..layan lah lagu lentok in this movie. Some familiar tunes came on air. Ayooo...such beautiful tunes and in just moments, I was transported back to my Indian trips. Walking the streets of New Delhi, Calcutta and Chennai where shops were blaring tunes from the Hindi movies as if noone cared. Ishhh..rasa nak gi India la plak dah!!! Kalu dapat gi New Delhi for retail therapy, it would be really a shopping paradise. Don't know if ABE has any trips to India this year. Kalu ader, I'd drop everything and follow him. Tak kira dah RFP ker, tender ker....bhot-bhot phir bil dil hai hidustani!!

Well, thanks to Mohabbatein I managed to complete my RFP. The song towards the end of the movie sounded pretty nice. So I've decided to get the link from You Tube. Jadi, sesiapa yang nak tangkap lentok, click je lah kat the picture below..

Friday, May 23, 2008

School Uniform SEXY???!!??

The STAR newspaper published this report yesterday.

School uniform sexy, says group
KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian group condemned the uniform worn by girls at government schools, saying it encouraged rape and pre-marital sex.

“The white blouse is too transparent for girls and it becomes a source of attraction,” National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia vice-president Munirah Bahari said in a statement.

“It becomes a distraction to men, who are drawn to it, whether or not they like looking at it,” she said, calling for a review of uniform policy so that it did not violate Islamic ideals.


I have 2 school going girls. One in the secondary school and the other is in primary school. SEXY school uniform?? It distracts MEN?? Ayooo...please lah. I get sick in the stomach even thinking about this. What has become of the world around us today??

I wore the exact same white top and turquoise sarong baju kurung uniform to school way back in the 70s. Noone said it was sexy back then. How come ah?? It didn't distract men back then?

Of course we had layers of undergarments underneath the baju kurung. And never were those white bajus transparent. Even the "kancing" of the baju kurung pun tak lepas. No matter how hot it was in the classroom. We had our teachers telling us off if the kancing ter-unhooked unintentionally (or intentionally..heh..heh).

I get my girls to do the same things I went through as a school girl. However, the roaming eyes of these perverts, I'm afraid is beyond my control. I certainly can't stop guys from looking. But, I'd like to make a plea here... Please lah you distracted MEN....keep your roaming eyes off our girls. For heavens sake, these girls are still girls. Boleh tak you all pi tengok bende lain yang boleh mendatangkan faedah??

Monday, May 19, 2008

Brewing in Vietnam

The Pride of Vietnamese Beer

This excerpt was taken from its website.

The Halida brand originates from North Vietnam and is based on an old unique Vietnamese recipe which creates a full flavoured albeit light beer taste. Today, Halida is the choice of the consumer who enjoys the fresh taste combined with its outstanding quality and reasonable prices.

Never knew "I" am popular in such a way...

Another Dentist Trip

I chickened out on my first dentist appointment for RC last week. I thought the nurse would just leave me alone, forget about me and would just give my appointment slot to another patient. Naaa...I was so wrong with my thoughts. She called when I did a no show and she quickly gave me an alternate date when I told her I couldn't make it that day. Okay lah...I guess I NEED a person like that. Someone who would PUSH me to go see the dentist.

So, yesterday at 10.30 in the morning, I dragged myself for my appointment. Fearing that I would be blue and shaky from the treatment, I got ABE to accompany me there. Yelah...mana lah tu kot-kot doctor tu bagi tripple shots of local ker...hai...memang tak jumpa jalan pulang ler daku!!

Anyway, the dentist was very professional in his work. He did an xray of my tooth and some other things to it. I could feel him injecting some gel like stuff into my tooth. I cringed when it hit the nerves and my facial expressions when berkerut-kerut. ...of course "drama" terlebih la tu. I didn't dare watch what he was doing after that. So I kept my eyes closed from then on.

All in all, everything was over in about 20 minutes. Takde la lama mana...cuma for a penakut like me, it felt ages long. Like always the charges, kalu tak cecah 3 digits tak sah. What to do...bayar je lah. The nurse fixed me another appointment which will be some time week after next.

Fuhhh...what a relief when I walked out of the door. Walked down and saw this sprawling black Rover. Sah-sah lah...tu kete dentist ku!! Hai napa lah those days tak de cita-cita nak jadik dentist...but then again....ada berani ker??? Guess...I'll just have to go dreaming on with the Rover.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Post Mother's Day Baking

Tired from a full day in the office today and bogged with severe writer's block, I resorted to this...

Started baking : 10.00pm
Completed the last tray of cupcakes at 11.30pm

Result....tada.....Chocolate chip coffee banana cupcakes....yummyyy. A real "sin" when eaten fresh and hot from the oven.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I was awaken this morning by Nissa's sweet gesture of giving me a yellow rose and wishing me Happy Mother's Day. Apparently the rose had come from one of ABE's rose plants. What a wonderful feeling it was!!!
The girls and I later went back to Mom's place in Seremban to celebrate Mother's Day with the rest of the gang - my sisters, brother in laws, nieces, nephews and cousins. Satay Wak Shahlan (my youngest sister's FIL) of Sri Medan Batu Pahat was the specialty of the day.

Kids had a good time catching up and running around Grandma's place. As for us adults, what else is to be done. It's food appreciation and indulgence time.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Me and My Tooth - Love Hate Relationship

If only I hadn't taken that bite on the Kit Kat Milk bar, I would not be suffering so bad today. My tooth has been throbbing with pain since yesterday. I felt like asking someone punch my face so that the pain would go away.

Not leaving me with much choice, I called my dentist and fixed an appointment see him today. By last night I was on two painkillers. Bad I know but really, really cannot tahan. The painkillers knocked me out right till Subuh. I know why mat-mat laloq tu gian on these things. They really clear your mind, no worries for now at least.

My appointment with the dentist was at 10.30 this morning. All my life, I have feared going to the dentist. When I was a young girl back in Seremban, my dad used to take me to the government dental clinic. I don't blame him for taking me there. Firstly, because there were not many private dental practises around and secondly, they were very expensive. On a teacher's sallary, mana lah mampu kan nak spend so much on my teeth saja. But I would drag so much going for my dental visits.

I don't know about you guys out there but I feared the government dentists so very much. The nurses were so unfriendly too. They looked as if they were about to extract all your teeth at one go, without giving the jab.

Well, that was how many years ago?? More than 30 years ago lah. The dentist we have these days are very different from those of my schooling days. Their clinics are more friendly, piped with soft music and very nice and some have fluffy sofas for patients to sit on. The walls now have soft pastel wall paper etc..etc. Bottomline is dental patients now experience a more relaxed environment when visiting the dentist.

For me, even with all the soft music, my heart was beating so fast, as if I had run a marathon and not forgetting the throbbing toothache which I was still having. When I was called, I took small steps into the surgery room. Haa....nama nyer pun dah SURGERY...habis la. Muka dah pucat dah ni...

The doctor asked me how things are with me today and was very polite in asking me what was bothering me with regards to my teeth. Ok lah..I told him my kit kat bite story and how I much I was in pain since this morning. He then checked the tooth which he suspected was giving me all the discomfort. He later did a "current" test (haiyo...when he said "current" I immediately thought of electricity...habis la ...aku kejung kena electric shock kat atas kerusi ni..teringat movie "the green mile"...heheh..eheheh)

The doctor then explained to me that my tooth could not be filled up anymore. He asked me if I still wanted to keep the tooth. I said I still want to keep it. So he recommended that I did a root canal. I was kinda expecting this coming. The last time I met up with him pun, he did say the same thing. But I was so "chicken" then. Now, I am left with no choice. I asked him if it was painfull. He said with all the jabs ..tak de lah. But it would be painfull for the pocket!! ni bole plak buat lawak dalam pada I tengah kesakitan ni. What to do, mahal ker tak, if it has to be done, buat je lah. Meaning this month, I would not be able to splurge on any retail therapy. Ok lah....gigi is more important than baju or handbags. Kalu baju cuns...but gigi sakit no point jugak kan.

One funny thought came across my mind when I was waiting for the doctor to prepare me for my treatment this morning. A very cheeky thought really. Suddenly, I visualize my state ex-chief minister (yg muka jadik so smooth due to tempe eating....really ah???) going back to his dental practice again. He'd be in the doctor's chair asking patients to open their mouth big and checking their bad teeth. Nak gelak pun ader rasa nyer. Then I visualized his wife, the dear datin as his assistant, asking the patients to gargle after each treatment....and they both look so pathetic.

Anyway, after two injections, my lips felt as if I had botox filled into it. But my pain was gone. The doctor treated it and gave me some antibiotics. I am to finish the medication and I will have to visit him again next week. He had explained earlier that he would work on the nerves on the next visit. Apa-apa lah...just get it done. The less I know the better it would be. Knowing all details would only scare me like *&#!.

The doctor gave me an MC to rest today. My painkiller is gone and I am beginning to feel some slight pain again. Lunch will be porridge today.

Oh...poor me...poor me. Any tooth fairy out there, please help...... :-((