Saturday, February 27, 2010

Moderation ON

Recently there have been hideous spam attempts on Sembang. Comments of various forms and in languages totally unfamiliar to me, have started to clog my comment boxes. Really an eye sore and getting to my nerves.

With a heavy heart, I have turned on the moderation mode on all comments. It may just take a while for them to appear. Will be constantly monitoring the spam activities, but until things are back to normal, please bare with me.

Thanking all for your understanding and support on Sembang all these while.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Latest Addition

Latest addition?? What could it be?

If your guess is another cat for Nissa (oohhh yes, she's been hinting at me to get her one for her upcoming birthday) , tettttt.....guess is incorrect. I did meet a beauty at the pet shop, however. But I had to say NO to that heart breaker - a three month old tabby Bengal.

The one I saw was something like this (pic from Google). Had that exotic and sultry face....
Lady at the shop said, "tak mahal...she's only RM1,500." (and I gulped....)

So who....what is this latest addition then?

Undeniably, a heart stealer - Mohd Nasiruddin our youngest nephew. This bundle of joy belongs to my brother and Mom's fourteenth grandchild.

Nasiruddin with TM's Shah during the "gu-gu-ga-ga-get-to know-you-baby"

Some of the guests at the kenduri

We had his kenduri aqiqah at Mom's house in Seremban last weekend. Weather was hot, food was marvelous especially the mutton curry Mom made. Dessert was a mouth-watering affair. There were three; dessert no 1 was Mom's close friend's tapai pulut, no 2 was Makcik Rozi's famous kueh kochi and dessert 3 was Zai's, sumptuous fruit tartlets!!

And I ate like no always. Came home to Shah Alam that evening extra full, tired but extremely delighted :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Survey Says...

This piece of report appeared in the Star a few weeks ago. My reactions when reading it - perplexed, bothered and teed off. Eeeeewwwweeeeee........

I'd like to believe that there were some mistakes with the findings from the survey. However, if facts presented were true, gosh....... I feel totally grossed out!!

Girls, how often do you wash your bra?

A SURVEY has found that a number of Sing*por*an girls wash their bras only once a week, Sin Chew Daily reported.

Some never washed them at all, the daily said, quoting a survey carried out by a news portal. More than 200 women took part in the survey.

It said that as of Feb 9, 108 respondents said they washed and changed their bras everyday but 42 others said they only changed them once a week. Another six said they washed their bras once a year while six others said they never washed their bras.

The daily quoted the online news writer as saying he was surprised with the level of cleanliness among Sing*por*an girls.

“Although some women work in an air-conditioned environment and may not sweat so often, the skin will still turn oily after some time and this will result in body odour. It is thus more appropriate to change the bra every day,” he said.

However, a gynecologist said it is not necessary for women to change their bras every day especially if they work at the office.

“Bras are not like panties which have to be changed daily. But for those who sweat easily, it is advisable to change the bras frequently."

Compiled by ANN TAN, ZANI SALLEH AND A.RAMAN The Star (February 13, 2010)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Pujian & Syukur

Pujian dan syukur pada Mu Tuhan atas usia baru ini, atas kepercayaan Mu padaku untuk masih menjalani hidup ini, semoga dapat ku melakukan yang terbaik.

Pujian dan syukur atas keluarga kecil kami yang bahagia,
atas keluarga besar kami yang selalu penuh kasih satu sama lain.

Pujian dan syukur atas segala masalah yang selalu Kau hindarkan dari padaku
Pujian dan syukur atas kurnian putera & puteri yang sehat dan cerdas.

Pujian dan syukur atas suami yang memberikan cinta dengan penuh kesabaran
Pujian dan syukur atas keluarga yang tanpa henti mencurahkan kasih kepadaku.

Pujian dan syukur atas rezeki, kesihatan dan pekerjaan yang baik dan atas segala harapan yang dapat disempurnakan

Pujian dan syukur atas kerinduan akan cinta MU yang selalu hadir dalam hatiku
Pujian dan syukur atas seluruh nikmat hidupku...

Setiap hembusan nafas ku ini, kupercayakan pada kasih dan penyelenggaran MU, agar selalu terjadi padaku sebagaimana apa yang Engkau kehendaki.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

V-day Buzz

It was worth the wait for nasi lemak at our favourite breakfast joint in Seksyen 3 this morning. The Mak Cik meticulously scooped the fried peanuts and sambal and placed them on top of the rice before she packed everything into that spread of banana leave. Got 5 packs for everyone at home. I usually would stay away from "rice thingy" in the morning. But today...heck them calories, I finished that pack of nasi lemak, sambal, peanuts...everything which was my share!!

Hanya gambar hiasan... :)

After the sumptuous breakfast, the big man went on to work at re-organizing his tool shed. I had no interest of going close to his work station for the fear that I may not "tahan" with what's in sight and may want to shove 80% percent of those items into the black garbage bags. I am very sure that would make those MBSA garbage pick up guys smiling at Bibik, assuming it was her who had been behaving like Santa Rina.

Big man's understudy - the small man is busy listening to instructions given and trying to complete all assignments as fast as he could. Reason for the "lipas kudung" act is because a later outing arrangement with friends. Guy friends?? Girl friends?? Mommy here suspects both.

A similar scene can be seen upstairs where the two girls were busy making their room spotless. My instruction was to wipe everything, re-arrange all the book shelves and vacuum every inch of the room. They did pretty well, I must say. Of course Mommy had to supervise a little and made sure that no short cuts was taken.

And where did I fit into this robot like task force? My port - the guest room downstairs, and to specifically work on the rarely used family closet. Not going to be fun, but someone's got to do it. We Moms always get the most challenging task, don't we?

And guess what were my findings when I checked the top most shelve? Tadaaa....these old letters. Errr...make that old lurveee letters lah.

Letters came in myriad of coloured envelopes; this one, letter no 41 was in green. Used to number all my letters too...(zamam berchenta....semua nye indah & rajin nak buat!!)

One of the many cards occasions, saja suka pi book store and mission was to get hold of these cuties!!

Take a wild guess, how many letters are there?? During the times when I wasn't fizzling my brains in the computer lab, I wrote letters and then day dreamed by the lake.

Present more day dreaming, just blogging and FBing with Chitty

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Warm wishes to all our Chinese friends as we usher Year of the Tiger

Lots of luck
Wealth in abundance

Never ending happiness
and plenty of smiles

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Messy Outside Queazy Inside

From my window, looking down there are rows and rows of vehicles, moving very slowly to wherever the destination they are heading to.

Yes, it's past 8pm and the traffic is still no better than what it was three hours ago, during the mad dash home. And double yes as I am still in the office, stucked with an urgent assignment to work on. Looks like I'll be burning the midnight oil again tonight...yikes. For the record, tonight will be the third of such athletics.

A few nights back I came home and saw this. I didn't know how to react; too exhausted to make a fuss so I called the maid to come down, free our cat Chitty from Nissa and put her back into the cage. As for the young lady.....she got to snuggle with us that night coz' I was drop dead tired to deal with anymore wrangle.

Oh ya...I wonder whatever happened to this bright idea??

Sunday, February 7, 2010

His 21st

It must have been one of the worst gastric attacks. Everything I pushed in, came out the very moment it went in. Even gulping down fluids was difficult. It tasted funny and if I wasn't careful, my body would reject that too.

For the life of me, I never could recall having such a nasty attack. I knew I had mild gastric problem, but didn't expect it to be so bad. The fact that I was almost full term made the experience a horrible ordeal. The whole day, I did nothing but just lay down on the bed, hoping that I'd get better soon.

Well, that was how it all started. Unfortunately, my condition didn't get better for I went into labour on the following morning. Silly me, a first time Mommy, I thought it was gastric, when I was actually having contractions. Mana lah I tau.....there was no prior experience to make comparisons with.

All that happened 21 years ago and on February 7th 1989, our son Mohd Faris Afandi was born. I also recall that day being 1st Rejab coz when my parents and my late grandmother came to visit me at the hospital, they said that they were fasting. And it was the second day of CNY that this bundle of joy decided to arrive. He was a huge baby, weighing 3.89kg!!

The rest is history and today we celebrated his 21st.

Happy Birthday Abang. Hope you will always have a good health, more career in life..and hope that more birthdays to come. Have a wonderful day and fabulous year.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pencinta Wanita

Speaking in codes? Yes, I have for obvious reasons only known to some. In my terms of reference, I'd categorize what happened last weekend as consequences of extreme occupational hazard. And the need to go defuse the overwhelming "jiwa kacau" feeling was so meluap-meluap. The obvious remedy was none other than RT - an all girls RT that is :)

Long trail of comments were posted in FB when I uploaded some pictures from the trip. And I suppose by now many would have known who the partners in crime were. In short the trip was one of the best I've even done. Best gilerrrr....suspence gilerrrr...and gelak sakan!! I shall leave it to Naz to do the rest of the story telling. I know she's going to write one helluva piece, no details untouched, described with thousands of memorable visual images, capturing our precious moments during the trip. Also check out what say Desert Rose, Edelweiss and my sister TM (get the message girls...cepat update!!).

I also wish to commend our ever so patient and loving husbands and children, who understood the desperate need of their loving wives and ever so devoted Moms who are undeniably their ardent supporters to go do an all girls RT.

If there's a song that they are singing, it must be this one by Irwanshah as they bid good bye to us that day :)

Pencinta Wanita by Irwansyah

Aku memang pencinta wanita
Namun ku bukan buaya
Yang setia pada seribu gadis
Ku hanya mencintai dia

Aku memang pencinta wanita
Yang lembut seperti dia
Ini saat ku akhiri semua
Pencarian dalam hidup
Cintaku ternyata aku mau hanya dia

The pictures shall do the story telling. Lastly, agak nya lah, kalau ader usul nak come up with Kelab Shoppers TEGAR, rasa-rasa nya got takers ka??

Jakarta...oh Jakarta...why are you just 2 hours away by flight from KL?

Macet (traffic jam) everywhere

This trip me no take Mas Supir and Mas Assistant Supir yang comel

Tanah Abang....there are more than eight floors to go do your hunting!!

Ishhh....ishhhh siapa lah yang empunya kain tu?? Japanese cotton tu iyer puan-puan :)

See told you...macam-macam adaaaaa....more than eight floors kan...this floor carried work suits!

Suasana masa Tanah Abang about to close. They close early. By 4.00pm the traders are so eager to wrap up for the day (and kira duit kat belakang kot!). Now you see them opened, next you see them all closed!! So macamana we all tak juling mata?? Beli barang kat kedai depan, but eyes and hands pegang barang kat kedai sebelah. Multi-tasking BIG time!!!

Dan hasil dari kejayaan multi-tasking tu adalah seperti yang tertera di atas dan sebab itu juga lah entry ini ditujukan khas pada Encik Somi-Somi yang terchenta!! We had a greatttttttt time, all smiles during our return. And to Naz, Desert Rose, Edelweiss and TM, jangan serik yea...shall we do it again??? Errr...anda yang lain mau turut serta???