Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hotel California

My assignment in a government agency in Cyberjaya was shortened. Ohh well...the truth was I asked to leave that place. The working condition was getting from bad to worst and the client - BigBadOldWolf (read earlier story about BigBadOldWolf here) was getting ridiculously out of control; making the team suffer so miserably. 

Morale was low and  BigBadOldWolf was just waiting to see us fall apart. Although I wasn't the prime target, but being a senior member in the group I was responsible and answerable for some of the scoldings and nasty emails sent about us to the Management. 

I did many rounds of soul searching and asked myself if it was worth it to stay till the end of the project. It wasn't like I can't trash the verbal abuses. In fact I was one of those whom BigBadOldWolf has the least to pick on. And in an event BigBadOldWolf even took the extra trouble to pass message to other team members asking them to tell me what a good job I have done on a speech for one of her big bosses.

I was neither elated nor proud when later BigBadOldWolf personally came to me and gave me the thumbs up. Tak ada perasaan langsung-langsung! And at that point I knew it wasn't worth it.

So I put in my letter. Yes....I tendered my resignation!! I thought the day would never come. But there I was - suddenly so lopsided in the head and so pissed with what BigBadOldWolf had done to us all, typing a letter to the Management telling them that I wanted out.

My immediate boss didn't want to accept it. Not surprising actually. He placed the white envelop on my table unopened. The project manager was the one who forwarded my letter to HR. Well, she was leaving too. Each one of us was already up to our nose gulping everything that came from the BigBadOldWolf

In no time I was receiving BBM messages asking if the rumors they heard were true. Some understood my reasons and some said I was making the wrong move.

My letter was forwarded to HR. And it was brought to the attention of the bigger, bigger bosses. I was then asked to discuss with HR and they mentioned that the bigger, bigger bosses (ramainya bosses kann...) had not agreed to accept my letter. Ohhh.......ada jugak like this.

Anyway, to cut the story short, I was asked to stay on and the bigger, bigger bosses agreed to pull me out from the assignment in CJ. So, I'm back in the old office in USJ and I have a long list to look into.

So how do I feel about this new development? I'm okay lah with the transfer, but it didn't feel so right about leaving the team. So to help them in this initial separation stage, I have agreed to assist them with a few of their deliverables. Well, at least until they find my replacement. Tak pe lah  susah sedikit and have more things on my plate. At least the life line is not totally cut off.

In the meantime life back in the office in USJ is already picking momentum. Was in JB for a presentation last two weeks and will be going down again this Thursday. More deadlines have been set and the bigger, bigger bosses are already keeping tap on our progress.

So apa cerita selanjutnya? Whatever happened to my plans about going on an early retirement? 

Looks like it's to be KIVed for now....... 

And suddenly Hotel California comes to mind.

"We are programme to receive.
You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave! "

~scribbled over the skies of Burma en route Beijing on 15.06.2012~
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Almost Abandoned

Gosh...this space has been too quiet. Almost abandoned..really.
Cob webs all over. Gotta clear them. Gotta make this space all lively like how it used to be.

But can it be done still?