Sunday, October 31, 2010

October Gone

October has come to an end. It went flying so unnoticed. With only two months to year end, it doesn't look like my wish for a slow and easy wrap up is going to happen.

There's so much to complete at work. Am feeling so burnt out but I have to push myself still...sigh.

Nissa's Halloween pumpkin - went all around looking for weary looking creature but no avail. So had to make do with this.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Rhythm Of No Rain

Don't really like the looks out of my window. The sky is grey. The air smelt burnt, and I can almost see dust particles floating in mid air. The HAZE is backkkkk!!! And so is my wheezing.... :(

It looked like it was going to pour just now at lunch time. But it didn't....owwwhhhh...cik katak sila lah panggil hujan!!!

Wish I could sing to this tune.

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain......
Telling me just what a fool I've been........

But where's the rain???

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Number Game

Nak comment tentang the recent budget ker?? No need lah, let's just leave that to the experts. But at the same time, tak larat juga looking at the obscene figures.....sigh...sigh...sigh.....

The following (selected) rundown of the 2010 budget was taken from Bernama.

It was mentioned in the budget that:

* The Government allocates RM111 million for PERMATA programme including the construction of the second phase of Sekolah PERMATA Pintar school complex, 32 PERMATA Children Centres (PAPN) and financing operations of 52 completed PAPNs.

* To provide competent and quality teachers and instructors to better guide and educate students, the Government allocates RM576 million in the form of scholarships for those wishing to further their studies.

* RM213 million is allocated to enhance proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia, strengthen the English language as well as streamline the standard curriculum for primary schools.

* The Government will recruit 375 native-speaking teachers including from the United Kingdom and Australia to further enhance teaching of English.

* Allowing flexibility to self-determine fully-paid maternity leave not exceeding 90 days from the current 60 days subject to a total of 300 days of maternity leave throughout the tenure of service.

* The toll rates in four highways owned by PLUS Expressway Berhad will not be raised for the next five years effective immediately.

* RM50 million to construct several shaded walkways in the KLCC-Bukit Bintang vicinity.

* Development of world's first integrated eco-nature resort at a cost of RM3 billion by Nexus Karambunai in Sabah to commence next year.

Are these babes amongst the 300 which import duty is to be abolished?? Aisyeh...why didn't abolish masa zaman-zaman I pakai size 2 dulu??

* Abolishing of import duty on 300 goods preferred by tourists and locals, at 5 to 30 percent, to promote Malaysia as a shopping heaven in Asia.

* Another landmark project "Warisan Merdeka" which includes a 100-storey tower, the tallest in Malaysia, at a cost of RM5 billion to be completed by 2015.

* Exemption of sales tax on all types of mobile phone

And the list goes on and on and on.....

My response?? Nadaaa....but I just want to quote Jerry Maguire - "Show me daaaa MONEYYYYYY"

Friday, October 15, 2010

Add It On

Urgghhhhh.....this is so, so not good; work my bu** like crazy keeping up with my DEADlines. Guess they don't call it DEADline for nothing huh? It's already October and I thought things in the office would slow down by now. But nooooo.....looks like that is so not going to happen :(

I don't have a life no more.

Plus I overdid it at office aerobics two days back. And now my bu** really, really hurts. It hurts so much that I had to rest myself from my daily 3.5km walk this morning., so not good.

Found this picture somewhere on the Internet. And I'd say this to her....
"Know pretty much how you're feeling, darling. I'm so with you in spirit. But you go girl! You tell everyone at work to just “add it to the pile!”

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sweetie's Story - Part 2

Sweetie must have gathered all her might to come see me. Some hesitation at first but when I reached out to her and led her to the seat next to mine, she obliged.

“You okay, Sweetie?”

She cleared her throat and replied, “I can’t sleep, Puan. Every time I close my eyes, I see Sue. The image of her wrecked car haunts me every night.”

Her eyes welled with tears; then there was silence between us.

“Sedekah Al-Fatehah to her Sweetie. She’s in a safe place now,” I tried to assure Sweetie.

“Saya tahu Tuhan sayang dia, but saya kesal…I didn’t get to help her…after all her sacrifice for me.”

“I’m sure Sue buat semua tu ikhlas, tanpa meminta balasan. So let’s not be too sad atas pemergian dia. Hey…Sue wouldn’t have wanted you to be like this you know!” I soothed her arm gently, signaling that everything would be just fine.

Sweetie did not reciprocate; instead she fixed her gaze on a picture hung on my wall – picture of our company’s annual party. I knew then pretty much what was on her mind.

to be continued.....

Monday, October 11, 2010


Whenever these two numbers - "1" and "0" come together in close proximity, I am so, so reminded of the topic on matrix in row echelon form in linear algebra. The scary looking matrix looks something like this:

Uhhh....don't ask me how I survived this subject. Did it in two attempts - my first saw me chickening out when I dropped it halfway in the semester. I just couldn't make out what head or tail the old math professor was mumbling about during that ungodly 6.45pm class. Unfortunately there was no escaping that subject. I took it again the following semester. My luck was better as the instructor this young Jew chap was able to conduct the class in a more comprehensible manner.

101010 - looks like some binary codes too eh? In computing and telecommunication, binary codes are used for a variety of methods of encoding data. Interestingly enough, if you convert it to decimal; 101010 = 42.

So did anyone turn 42 on 101010?? Errr.... not anyone I know la pulak.

But who tied the know on this day kita semua tau lah dah kan....*wink*

Friday, October 8, 2010

Proud Moments

I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. With my hectic schedule, obviously, I had to shuffle work commitments to liberate myself to attend this important event. In fact when Faris informed me of the date – 6th October 2010, I was somewhat relieved that it clashed with only one of my deadlines. (But had to miss two important events held on the same day – one was a talk on content development and the other was an event at National Planetarium. Tak pe lah…FAMILY comes FIRST. No two things about that.)

It was manageable. Like I said, I wouldn’t want to miss it for the world; be my son’s graduation ceremony, I MUST!!

Unfortunately, that morning I woke up with a lingering headache. The previous day’s irresponsible act of skipping meals has come to claim its brunt on me. Yikesss….yikesss…

I washed down two aspirins at breakfast. My head felt slightly lighter when the medication took effect. But I knew if I wasn’t careful, the headache may just develop into something much, much worst. And I definitely didn’t want that to happen, not today. I wished I could rest for a while before the drive to PICC, but there was still quiet a bit to be done.

Faris left early for PICC that morning. He said there were still some final preparations on the graduation ceremony that he needed to attend to. I did one last check on his baju melayu and samping (must thank Datin Mamasita for her referral on this helpful samping guy in KT. Chose Faris’ samping via MMS, paid online and the package arrived the next day; all in a day’s transaction!! Fast and convenient) and off he went after that. We couldn’t take the girls with us either coz Farah still had her SPM trials at school and Nissa was on for “ASTRO’s Waktu Rehat” audition later that afternoon. Ohhh….it was just the two of us lah nampak nya…..

Roses for the graduate

We left for PICC (Putrajaya International Convention Centre) slightly past noon. In the invite it was written that we were to be seated 10 mins before the ceremony starts which was at 2pm. Abe asked if I wanted to drive, I said, “No, you take the wheels.” I usually didn’t mind being the supir but that day, I just wanted to sit back and relax (hah…the real truth is…I was so anxious and such a nervous wreck and so not wanting Abe to notice the emotional build up).

Parking at PICC was somewhat a horror. The whole place was already packed with cars. The security personnel directed us to park along the road leading up to the convention centre. Ohhh…menapak la pulak under the blazing sun!!! What a test and minutes later I felt my head spin. Yikes….yikes….the headache was back…grr.

For those who have not been to PICC, well, let me warn you that the place is huge!!! And be prepared to walk and ride the escalators all the way up to the top. Our first stop was the surau for Zuhor prayers (ambil wuduk siap-siap from home tu….coz takut tak sempat nak re-apply make up…vain, vain, vain…caya tak??) Abe then managed to locate Faris and informed him of our whereabouts. He came to meet us up after that, all dressed in his black baju melayu and graduation robe. I couldn't believe what I was seeing – watching this handsome young man stride towards us, all so grown up and looking very smart in his graduation attire. I tried to hold back my tears, but I just couldn’t (and heck with my make up….)

As he walked passed us, it brought lump to the throat as I recall memories of his first baby steps, first words, first triple somersaults into the pool, first camping trip....and many other first moments.

Standing in front of me, was my baby whose little hands I held not so many years ago, walking to kindergarten on his first day of school. I recall us walking into the classroom and he just stood there, shy at first but then the teacher came over and introduced him to the others kids and he went off to play. I remember his first school concert where he danced joget with another girl at school. I remember his first piano recital where I helped him compose a short tune and him playing it in front of other parents and students in the class. I was a nervous wreck too then and dared not breathe till he finished playing.

There was like a deck of You Tube recollection on Faris’ accomplishments, his ups and downs in school and college and his challenges growing up during his teenage days under the watchful eyes of Mama and Daddy, playing in my mind in that split second.

No 31 in the list of recipients - Diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology (Process) - that's Faris!!

I tried to hold back my stream of tears, but I just couldn’t (and make up almost gone….) and to make matters worst, I HAD NO KLENEX stuffed in my handbag (tu lah…tukar handbag lima kali lagi before settling with the final one…kena sumpah dgn bags yg tak dipilih untuk di pakai tu kot..)

Anyway, my emotions was more settled when we were finally seated in the ceremonial Plenary Hall. To kill time (coz it was quite a wait till the parade of the graduates), I was fb-casting via BB. Yeah…the whole world was able to follow Faris’ convocation ceremony via FB. My sincerest appreciation to all who have kept me company the entire afternoon be it on FB and BBM. Your kind words and encouragement have helped calm this Mommy’s dup dap dup dap heart.

During intermission, UniKL choir entertained us with their rendition of Faisal Tahir's Sampai Syurga.

Faris and friends

Senior and Junior

The 7th Convocation Ceremony of University Kuala Lumpur was graced by YB Dato’ Seri Idris Jusoh, Chairman of MARA, who is also UniKL’s Pro-Chancellor II. The two day ceremony saw 3,193 graduates receiving their respective Degrees, Diplomas and Professional Certificates. I must say it’s an applaudable accomplishment for a relatively new university.

Indeed, the ceremony was each parent’s proud moments witnessing fruits of labor, paid off from the sweat and tears of the children as they walked up the stage to collect their scrolls. Each move by the young men & ladies prompted a medley of emotions - pride, relief, elation and ambivalence. Our greatest syukur to Allah swt for his grace on us, allowing us to be part of these prestigious moments.

To Faris....

We know that you will go far in this life, you deserve the best this world can give you and we know that you will get it. This day marked the start of your discovery of the world on your own, please know that we'll be with you no matter where you go and that we'll be there anytime and anywhere you may need us.


Mama & Daddy

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sweetie's Story - Part 1

Sweetie was extra cheerful that morning. She walked pass me beaming one cherry sweet smile that could melt any tough heart.

"She's in baju kurung again," I thought to myself.

Ahhh...she must have gone to visit Sue - a routine she is so faithful of after Sue's passing (read Sue's Sufferings here) a few months ago. She found her ultimate peace by Sue's side , at her final resting place, Sweetie told me one day.

Our conversation on Sue never continued, not since that day of Sue’s tragic death. I remember seeing how distraught Sweetie was. She grieved the loss of her friend as if a part of her left when Sue left.

"She's not ready to share yet. Give her time," I mentioned to my boss when she expressed her concerns over Sweetie's frail health. A few weeks after Sue's passing, Sweetie fell ill and a couple of times she passed out in the office. She frightened us all one day when we found bleeding profusely in the toilet. I guessed it as much that she was having a miscarriage; another misfortune for Sweetie who has been trying to have a baby for years.

Sweetie was falling to pieces. She knew she had to go get help. And that was when she came knocking lifelessly on my door.

“Puan , I need to talk.”

to be continued.....

Monday, October 4, 2010

It's Showtime!!

The 19th Commonwealth Games are on in New Delhi.

The opening ceremony held a few hours ago was a spectacular and awesome show. Simply overwhelming to see different cultures within India come together to give a jaw-dropping cultural extravaganza.

"India's big moment is finally here. Join in." ~Suresh Kalmadi, the chairman of the organising committee.
(and me so wanting to go backkk....)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Beautiful Day

Pictures were taken during my walk this morning. I'm back in action after a three day break.

It's a beautiful day.....

Don't let it get away.......It's a beautiful day!!

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