Saturday, June 23, 2007

Reminisce the 80s

It's 7.00pm now...and I am taking a break from my serious writing. Have been cracking my head to write this curriculum stuff since 10.00 this morning!! It's driving me up the walls.

Thank God I discovered this online 80s radio station - WANX .107 The 80s Channel. It plays all hit songs of the 80s.

The 80s brings back lots of good ole memories of my college days at UW - Madison. The free and easy days when life was only about going to class and doing assignments. Well...of course there were the TGIF parties (which we'd rather pass and leave that to the Mat Sallehs to get intoxicated and behave foolishly afterwards).

We, Malaysians partied differently. We would go apartment hopping and ate Nasi Brayani and Laksa our seniors jamu us. Well, that was in the first semester as Freshman. And then later when our langkah was more panjang and we got cleaver at socializing ie. time for movies with the seniors guys or just lepaking at the Students Union eating ice-cream...or playing bowling 5 rounds until we had blisters ;-))

Now...back to this 80s radio station. Its playlist includes songs from:

a. Journey - Faithfully ......aahhhh...this was my roomate Liza's favourite band

b. Billy Ocean - Love Songs That Make You Cry ...the lyric of the song goes this way....there'll be love songs that make u cry. I remember Jupe & I played Billy Ocean's record non stop one of our crazy days!!!!

c. Quaterflash - Harden My Heart...wanna harden my heart...gonna swallow my tears...haa...this song...I remember keeping it so close to me heart after I received a letter from "someone" back home saying that he had found "someone" else. Darnnnn...

d. Police - Message in the Bottle...really like the music of this song & other songs by Police.

e. Michael Jackson....who could forget the "Thriller" album which sold millions....everyone loved MJ those days & he was still the big nosed black guy then.

f. ABC - Look of Love....those nights when we potlucked at each others apartments, this song so frequently played on the radio station 98.5FM.
g. Phil Collins - One More Night...ahhh...this need to cerita here lah...memories..memories.

h. and many, many more memorable songs

I guess....till something more interesting comes by, I shall continue reminiscing....


It's been crazy these last few weeks for me. I missed the school holidays. I missed a few important weddings. Missed sending friends off for umrah..And most unbearable one was..I missed the Father's Day weekend too.

My children spent Father's Day with their Daddy in Port Dickson. It was a good three days of lazing by the beach with Dad. They came back with all fun stories about the weekend. But the biggest blow was when my little girl said this to me, "We have gone to PD and enjoyed ourselves...and you still have not come back from work??"

Adusss....that was a REAL boomer!!

With my submission date for a project to a client drawing closer by the day,life has been so, so challenging. The long nights at work...the working weekends and this is the third straight weekend which I have had to come back to work. I tell myself to just hang in there...just a bit more to go and soon everything will be over and life will be back to normal.

But something tells me...this isn't so. Not when I know that there are also other "projects" lined up and need my looking into in these next couple of months.

Goshh...this is definately going to be tough....sigh :-((

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

World Environment Day - 5 June

World Environment Day is celebrated each year on 5 June. Let's work on improving the quality of the environment.

To start...recycle, save energy, save water, plant more trees...and walk more.

Together we can make a difference.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Farah - Fourteen Today

My second daughter Farah turns 14 today!! Unfortunately, she's currently in Seremban at my mom's place babysitting her younger cousins till Tuesday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FARAH...from Mama, Daddy, Nissa & Abang!!


Our ex-maid Yani came back to the house for a few days last week. Yani's new employer was away on holidays. My present maid, Bibik was overly excited coz she would now have an extra pair of hands to help her with the moving of things during this peak period of my house renovations.

For the first few days, Yani was ok. On the 3rd day my maid told me that Yani had an infection on the leg. When I got back from work, I asked Yani to show me what she has got and to my horror..there was a big patch of skin lesion on her leg.

We took her to the clinic that night. Doctor mentioned that she had vasculitis. According to the doctor, it's got something to do with the inflamation of the blood vassels due to poor immune system. Gosh...sounds pretty bad huh?? Anyway, doctor gave her some antibiotics and did a dressing to clean the ulser like lesions on her leg.

So...what is vasculitis anyway? I did a search on the Internet and found this tutorial site which explains vasculitis is layman's language.

Tutorial is found here...Vasculitis.

Other beading pieces

Since we are on the subject of beading...presenting my proud accomplishments....

Mixed colours beads - dark & light gray sewn at a slant on the sleeves.

Vertically sewn beads. Colours - pink & gold.

Vertically sewn beads. Colours - pink & purple.

Beading Project

I have been trying my skills at beading for the past few months. My latest project is this viscose cotton baju kurung of mine. Unlike the pervious ones which I did beading on the sleeves, this one had beads all over the front part of the baju. I sewed pink and blue beads all round the flowers on the baju kurung. The baju now has a glittering look to it.

I am so excited with my bead work. The beading work for this baju kurung took a longer time to complete. I have been extremly busy for the past few weeks. Didn't get much time to work on it. Everytime I took out my sewing kit, I had to put it away. Work was obviously on my mind...too disturbed and there was just no drive to do beading. Plus whenever I did have some free time to work on my beading...I was too exhaused to even open my eyes!!

So...this weekend was a real accomplishment for me. I finally got the bead work on my baju kurung completed week can pakai to a wedding lorrr :-)