Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Wordless Wednesday (Somewhat...)

Someone said this to me once, "When in doubt....bake." 
And so I did. Made these Yellow Yoghurt Cuppies two nights ago. Instead of jogging, or doing yoga to unwind, I baked. 

But did it help solve my doubts? some ways, it did. Coffee & cakes they always do :)

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Totally Neglected

This place is totally neglected. It's been a while and my mood to fill up this space is absolutely no where to be found. 

Have been travelling. Went to Jakarta with my bff Muni during the Deepavali & Maal Hijrah mid week break. Went to work on Monday. Off to Jakarta on Tuesday. Took leave on Wednesday. In Jakarta still on Thursday. Came back that night and was at work again on Friday. A very packed week, wasn't it? Dengar pun penat.

Yes, it was tiring. But it was a very fulfilling trip (errr....kala mana yang trip tak pernah fulfilling lah kann!) Met up a dear friend in there. Shopped. Ate. Spa-ed. 

Amused ourselves with the vivid aptness on the locals speak - at times you just can't get it to you head how clever is their word choice and match. If I have the time, will tell the story....later. Everything is now pushed till later; till better and freer time arrives for more serious writing. Question is - will that better and freer time ever come? 

And it's almost December. A whole year is almost gone.

IDK - I Don't Know (learnt this from Nissa's sms texts)


Friday, November 2, 2012


and please be nice......