Monday, August 29, 2011

Eid Mubarak

Wishing all a blessed Eid.
Stay safe and have a good celebration.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Apa yang dilafaz itu adalah doa - yes, I believe in this. Bukan apa, tu lah semalam tulis lagi comments kat FB - “sick to the bones”., dapat cash...sick terus!

I couldn't for the life of me open my eyes this morning. Plain exhaustion plus pure annoyance too. Annoyed bukan dengan sesiapa pun. Annoyed with myself was more like it. I over looked my checklist and missed preparing one document for an important meeting. Yikessss.....sungguh lah tak seronok being put in a difficult situation. It wasn't like I was careless or anything. How else could I remind myself? I remembered saving my tasks and appointments in BB, but this particular one, just slipped my mind! Anyway, thank God I didn't get into much trouble and boleh nego deadline lagi tu. Ha ha ha...siapa boss ni? Me or the client? I guess when they saw this pitiful face they just didn't have the heart to push too much...kot...kot lah eh.

Exhaustion + Annoyance = SICK = today work from home (yeahhhhh suka...coz no need to drive that 38km to CJ)

So who says being sick has no rewards?

Actually I forgot doing a few other tasks over the weekend too. Err correction, paraphrase that – I selectively did what I liked doing and left what I didn't fancy doing aside. Guess that's the leeway one has when one is both the maid and the maam. Tapi yang tak boleh ampun was when Abe came back and said, “You forgot to get the cat food. Pi shopping benda lain ingat...” Adei....that hurts!! Actually I did ask Nissa to remind me about food for them furry kiddos. Tapi Nissa pun sama naik thrilled mall hopping (and having scrumptious food spread at iftar) that she forgot to remind me. Anyway, the little ones had to puasa a little longer than us coz we only got food for them after terawih. Merajuk dah they all sampai ada yang ran up the roof. Nasib baik she came down, if not nak kena call the firemen to help.

Ohhh no need lah that unnecessary attention and excitement for both tuan kucing and kucing di bulan yang mulia ini kannn....and if sick tu better buat cara sick. Put the BB aside and let the emails bertubi-tubi masuk and later later lah baru reply, betul tak??

Then again after much deliberation, ada berani nak response late to those emails??

Monday, August 22, 2011

One More Week

It's the 22nd Ramadan today. It seemed like just yesterday I was preparing the family to gear up for fasting. Time flies like an arrow, for sure. More so when you have a mad, mad schedule like the one I presently have. There is hardly time to get cozy, relax and smell the roses these days....sigh. In fact there is hardly time to smell the good food during this Ramadan....another long sigh. I feel like a robot, serious!

In less than a week, it will be Hari Raya. I gave a tearful glance at my kitchen before I left for work this morning. sure needs cleaning and some touching ups. The windows could do a good scrub and some re-organizing would give it back its shine and glitter like those days when Bibik manned the home.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Live from New Office

Salam Ramadan to all. May we be rewarded the best of health in carrying our ibadah in this holy month.

Just a quick one this posting. Am making my first posting mark from the new office in CyberJaya. So far so good and have managed to clock in early every morning since the first day being assigned here. Doing that is not easy of course; RUSH is the word.

I leave the house by 7.05am everyday, drop Nissa off at her school and sprint all that 38kms to CJ. The traffic has been good so far. Phewwww.....I am so blessed.

Will be based in CJ for the next 18months. It's going to be interesting I bet. The project timeline is already out and I see my name all over the sheet. Have started itemizing plans for the team and looking forward to ensuring all deliverables are met.

Okay...gotta go now.

Am gonna miss my lunch here after hu

Thursday, August 4, 2011

YouTube It

It's a few more minutes before office hours is over. Then there is the rush home to be with the family for the breaking of fast. These days, I hardly have time to cook. Much thanks to the sellers at the Ramadan Bazaar, the dishes for my berbuka do would come from those frequent stalls I visit. My selection criteria would of course be cleanliness first. Price wise....umppp, rata-rata juadah-juadah has increased between 20-30%.

"Nak buat macamana harga barang mahal kak. Minyak naik." that would be the stall owners' cry whenever I give a grim look at those tiny curry puffs sold.

Today however, I have that crave for something different. Getting pretty tired of kueh ketayap, putu kacang and friends. The mind is thinking of those very thin pancakes - crêpe, spread with a thick layer of chocolaty nutty Nutella and with banana nicely tucked in it.

Sedap nya kan... Musim-musim puasa ni semua benda pun sedap lah kan.

Let's hope I get home early enough to make this for Nissa. Just to be doubly sure I don't mess up later, this You Tube video would be my aid. Tapi rasanya tau dah how to make it (and pretty easy to lah kan....)

You Tube to save the day....always

Girls at a crêpe stall when we were in Paris that day.....yummy crêpes dia.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ramadan Day 2

Syukur kehadrat Nya kerana dipanjangkan usia untuk berjumpa semula Ramadan tahun ini. It's our second day of fasting today. Puasa ke? Alhamdulillah, I am. It is my hope dapat menjalankan ibadah rukun Islam yang ketiga ini dengan sebaik sempurnanya. Same goes to all Sembang readers, family and friends. May you be rewarded the pinkest of health untuk melakukan yang terbaik di bulan yang penuh barakah ini.

I was at the clinic this morning. Huh? Visit to the doctors again? Apa cerita lah kan? Just for the record, I also had doctor's appointment last week. In fact I was on MC for two days, even No 1 Boss was worried and No 2 Boss sent a BBM asking of about me. Don't worry lar Boss, I'm not pregnant, if that's your concern although I am so green with envy upon discovering that we are entitled to 300days of maternity leave sepanjang our service in the organization.

Anyway to cut the story short, there was nothing major, major wrong with me, well that's what the doctors concluded after the test results were out. I must say I did cause some panic in Abe (ohhh bila eh last he accompanied me to the docs?? Masa deliver Nissa?? Nahh...I'm just being cruel) when I told him that I received a call from the doctor wanting to discuss results of the tests done so much so that he took half day today. So sweet lah kan.....tapi if ikut kan I (read: the egoistic me) ....tak de masalah nak sorang-sorang je jumpa doctor tu.

These days one can never be too complacent - with the kind of life style we lead and stress level that we have to put up with, jadi kena lah buat segala tests yang perlu. But it was somewhat an anti climax pun ada. There I was thinking of all the probable cause to my sick spell, and it was concluded that some strong antibiotics would do to help. Nonetheless, syukur, syukur sangat-sangat. Alhamdulillah.

After the clinic, I drove all the way to Cyberjaya for a meeting. Looks like there will be more trips to this city in the future. It's almost official now that I will be assigned to a new project which is based in Cyberjaya. Mixed feelings about this actually. Excited about this new assignment but at the same time sedih nak leave colleagues in the present office. We've been together though thick and thin and now some of us will be heading separate directions. It feels so like a family now, but we just have to make this sacrifice. Tak pe's for the good of the team

Someone sent out this SMS yesterday. "Sedih and happi if combine jadi apa?" I replied, "Tak tau nak kata." She wrote back, "Sepi."

Ohhh that's gonna be so, so true........