Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ramadan Day 2

Syukur kehadrat Nya kerana dipanjangkan usia untuk berjumpa semula Ramadan tahun ini. It's our second day of fasting today. Puasa ke? Alhamdulillah, I am. It is my hope dapat menjalankan ibadah rukun Islam yang ketiga ini dengan sebaik sempurnanya. Same goes to all Sembang readers, family and friends. May you be rewarded the pinkest of health untuk melakukan yang terbaik di bulan yang penuh barakah ini.

I was at the clinic this morning. Huh? Visit to the doctors again? Apa cerita lah kan? Just for the record, I also had doctor's appointment last week. In fact I was on MC for two days, even No 1 Boss was worried and No 2 Boss sent a BBM asking of about me. Don't worry lar Boss, I'm not pregnant, if that's your concern although I am so green with envy upon discovering that we are entitled to 300days of maternity leave sepanjang our service in the organization.

Anyway to cut the story short, there was nothing major, major wrong with me, well that's what the doctors concluded after the test results were out. I must say I did cause some panic in Abe (ohhh bila eh last he accompanied me to the docs?? Masa deliver Nissa?? Nahh...I'm just being cruel) when I told him that I received a call from the doctor wanting to discuss results of the tests done so much so that he took half day today. So sweet lah kan.....tapi if ikut kan I (read: the egoistic me) ....tak de masalah nak sorang-sorang je jumpa doctor tu.

These days one can never be too complacent - with the kind of life style we lead and stress level that we have to put up with, jadi kena lah buat segala tests yang perlu. But it was somewhat an anti climax pun ada. There I was thinking of all the probable cause to my sick spell, and it was concluded that some strong antibiotics would do to help. Nonetheless, syukur, syukur sangat-sangat. Alhamdulillah.

After the clinic, I drove all the way to Cyberjaya for a meeting. Looks like there will be more trips to this city in the future. It's almost official now that I will be assigned to a new project which is based in Cyberjaya. Mixed feelings about this actually. Excited about this new assignment but at the same time sedih nak leave colleagues in the present office. We've been together though thick and thin and now some of us will be heading separate directions. It feels so like a family now, but we just have to make this sacrifice. Tak pe lah...it's for the good of the team

Someone sent out this SMS yesterday. "Sedih and happi if combine jadi apa?" I replied, "Tak tau nak kata." She wrote back, "Sepi."

Ohhh that's gonna be so, so true........


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
Look at it this way, drive ke Cyberjaya takde traffic jam! Think positive, my Mama said. purrrr *giggles*

Uncle Lee said...

Telah berlabur tirai Syaaban menjelma pula Ramadhan.
Saya ucapkan moga berjaya menunaikan puasa dengan Jayanya.
My best regards.

kay_leeda said...

Dear CatIS,

Jauhhhhh larrr CyberJ tu and I am no morning person to clock in clock out like the gomEn peeps. Double whammy there lorrr :((

But I'll still take your hugs :)))

kay_leeda said...

Dear Uncle Lee,

Thank you for dropping by Uncle. That's so sweet of you. How's summer up north? Enjoy the sunshine :))

Will head you way soon (errr the blog I mean *wink*) C ya... :))

jul said...

u take gud care of yrself, kay