Thursday, August 4, 2011

YouTube It

It's a few more minutes before office hours is over. Then there is the rush home to be with the family for the breaking of fast. These days, I hardly have time to cook. Much thanks to the sellers at the Ramadan Bazaar, the dishes for my berbuka do would come from those frequent stalls I visit. My selection criteria would of course be cleanliness first. Price wise....umppp, rata-rata juadah-juadah has increased between 20-30%.

"Nak buat macamana harga barang mahal kak. Minyak naik." that would be the stall owners' cry whenever I give a grim look at those tiny curry puffs sold.

Today however, I have that crave for something different. Getting pretty tired of kueh ketayap, putu kacang and friends. The mind is thinking of those very thin pancakes - crêpe, spread with a thick layer of chocolaty nutty Nutella and with banana nicely tucked in it.

Sedap nya kan... Musim-musim puasa ni semua benda pun sedap lah kan.

Let's hope I get home early enough to make this for Nissa. Just to be doubly sure I don't mess up later, this You Tube video would be my aid. Tapi rasanya tau dah how to make it (and pretty easy to lah kan....)

You Tube to save the day....always

Girls at a crêpe stall when we were in Paris that day.....yummy crêpes dia.

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Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
Kat Ikano ada jual Japanese crepes....tunjuk aje! Hmmm....kat rumah ada pisang ni. Sedap buat lempeng. purrrr *giggles*