Sunday, January 14, 2007

1,000,000 Free Seats

The advert says :

TIP TO GET FREE SEATS!! Don’t get frustrated if you can’t log in.

So what is all this fuss about you may ask? Last Thursday 10/1/2007 Air Asia announced its offer of 1,000,000 fee seats over its 70 routes across Asia. And this offer prompted many of us to try our luck at getting the free tickets. Some of us started going into the Air Asia website from the early hours of the day. By mid morning it was almost impossible to even log into the main page of the website. And when you did get through, almost every page you click would give you an ERROR message or it was displaying a SORRY message to the customers.

I guess I was lucky enough to finally manage in getting the free tickets. Any how did I do it? It was not easy. I must have tried logging in to the website for a few hundred times and not giving up when it displayed the ERROR pages or the SORRY message. All I did was to keep on clicking until I got what I wanted. And finally three hours after my first try, I got my tickets. Phewww…what an accomplishment and what a relief!!

Kiasu I maybe but I believe it was my determination that pushed me through. And I was happy to know that there were others who were as determined as I was. They too accomplished their mission successfully. Some were even very lucky to get free tickets to more than one destination.

Of course it is not all free. There are still some minimal charges to pay. And what are the rates like…RM350 to Bali for two persons, RM490 to Phuket for two. I didn’t bother checking the rates to the other destinations. But I guess they are equivalently as competitive. So…to me, it was worth going for the grab!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Price for Development

The last two weeks have been extremely busy. With the start of the new year, work began to accumulate as well. There was hardly much time to spend updating this blog. I have some pressing matters I would like to share in the blog. However, work took the most priority.

Going to work was a challenge too. The early morning rush made lots of the roads going into the city packed with cars. 1st January 2007 also saw the increase of toll rates of a few main highways in the Klang Valley. I used to pay RM2.00 per trip to work. Now I have to pay 70 cents more for the same route I took before.

And because of this too, many drivers are looking for alternative routes to avoid paying the toll. Due to the increase in volume of cars, the drive has become slower. It used to take me about 30 minutes to drive to work. It takes a longer time to reach the office now. It can be worst at times if there are accidents happening during the morning rush hours. Last week alone I was stuck a few times in such long traffic crawls due to accidents.

I guess this is the price we all pay for DEVELOPMENT.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

National Service Here I Come

Faris our eldest left for the National Service Program this morning. He was among the 100,000 school leavers chosen to undergo the two and a half month program. He will be in his camp in Miri Sawarak until March 11th 2007.

The program or better known as Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN) was first introduced in 2003. The rationale for National Service was to bond the youth of Malaysia together and create a Malaysian nation.

Objectives of the PLKN

  • Develop a young generation who are patriotic and with love for their country

  • Enhance unity among the multi-racial communities in the country

  • Instill a spirit of caring and volunteerism among society

  • Produce an active, intelligent and confident generation

  • Develop positive characteristics among the younger generation through good values
More of Faris PLKN journey.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Welcome 2007

T. S. Eliot
For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.

Usher in the 2007….A new beginning of a better tomorrow. May it be full of joy, prosperity and happiness.

To all friends and family …Have a Wonderful Year Ahead!!!