Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's a Silver

Today marks a special US – Abe and I moment. Looking back, it's been a long and winding road getting to where we are now. There have been ups and downs, trials and obstacles that came hammering. Wasn't easy, but we managed to surpass them – maybe not all. Some are bugging us still and I hope we are strong to persevere the ruffles and ripples, InshaAllah.

It's been a wonderful and delightful 25 years. Alhamdulillah for the treasured and cherished love, the showering of rezeki, blessing and happiness.

We move on now into another new day which will add to another year and hopefully to many more to come. To Allah the most glorified, the most high, we pray for enough happiness to keep us sweet; enough trials to keep us strong; enough sorrow to keep us human; enough hope to keep us happy; enough failure to keep us humble; enough success to keep us eager; enough friends to give us comfort; enough faith and courage in ourselves, enough wealth to meet our needs; enough determination to make each day a better day than yesterday.