Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Apa yang dilafaz itu adalah doa - yes, I believe in this. Bukan apa, tu lah semalam tulis lagi comments kat FB - “sick to the bones”. Hah...today, dapat cash...sick terus!

I couldn't for the life of me open my eyes this morning. Plain exhaustion plus pure annoyance too. Annoyed bukan dengan sesiapa pun. Annoyed with myself was more like it. I over looked my checklist and missed preparing one document for an important meeting. Yikessss.....sungguh lah tak seronok being put in a difficult situation. It wasn't like I was careless or anything. How else could I remind myself? I remembered saving my tasks and appointments in BB, but this particular one, adeiiii....it just slipped my mind! Anyway, thank God I didn't get into much trouble and boleh nego deadline lagi tu. Ha ha ha...siapa boss ni? Me or the client? I guess when they saw this pitiful face they just didn't have the heart to push too much...kot...kot lah eh.

Exhaustion + Annoyance = SICK = today work from home (yeahhhhh suka...coz no need to drive that 38km to CJ)

So who says being sick has no rewards?

Actually I forgot doing a few other tasks over the weekend too. Err correction, paraphrase that – I selectively did what I liked doing and left what I didn't fancy doing aside. Guess that's the leeway one has when one is both the maid and the maam. Tapi yang tak boleh ampun was when Abe came back and said, “You forgot to get the cat food. Pi shopping benda lain ingat...” Adei....that hurts!! Actually I did ask Nissa to remind me about food for them furry kiddos. Tapi Nissa pun sama naik thrilled mall hopping (and having scrumptious food spread at iftar) that she forgot to remind me. Anyway, the little ones had to puasa a little longer than us coz we only got food for them after terawih. Merajuk dah they all sampai ada yang ran up the roof. Nasib baik she came down, if not nak kena call the firemen to help.

Ohhh no need lah that unnecessary attention and excitement for both tuan kucing and kucing di bulan yang mulia ini kannn....and if sick tu better buat cara sick. Put the BB aside and let the emails bertubi-tubi masuk and later later lah baru reply, betul tak??

Then again after much deliberation, ada berani nak response late to those emails??

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