Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sweetie's Story - Part 2

Sweetie must have gathered all her might to come see me. Some hesitation at first but when I reached out to her and led her to the seat next to mine, she obliged.

“You okay, Sweetie?”

She cleared her throat and replied, “I can’t sleep, Puan. Every time I close my eyes, I see Sue. The image of her wrecked car haunts me every night.”

Her eyes welled with tears; then there was silence between us.

“Sedekah Al-Fatehah to her Sweetie. She’s in a safe place now,” I tried to assure Sweetie.

“Saya tahu Tuhan sayang dia, but saya kesal…I didn’t get to help her…after all her sacrifice for me.”

“I’m sure Sue buat semua tu ikhlas, tanpa meminta balasan. So let’s not be too sad atas pemergian dia. Hey…Sue wouldn’t have wanted you to be like this you know!” I soothed her arm gently, signaling that everything would be just fine.

Sweetie did not reciprocate; instead she fixed her gaze on a picture hung on my wall – picture of our company’s annual party. I knew then pretty much what was on her mind.

to be continued.....

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