Monday, October 18, 2010

Number Game

Nak comment tentang the recent budget ker?? No need lah, let's just leave that to the experts. But at the same time, tak larat juga looking at the obscene figures.....sigh...sigh...sigh.....

The following (selected) rundown of the 2010 budget was taken from Bernama.

It was mentioned in the budget that:

* The Government allocates RM111 million for PERMATA programme including the construction of the second phase of Sekolah PERMATA Pintar school complex, 32 PERMATA Children Centres (PAPN) and financing operations of 52 completed PAPNs.

* To provide competent and quality teachers and instructors to better guide and educate students, the Government allocates RM576 million in the form of scholarships for those wishing to further their studies.

* RM213 million is allocated to enhance proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia, strengthen the English language as well as streamline the standard curriculum for primary schools.

* The Government will recruit 375 native-speaking teachers including from the United Kingdom and Australia to further enhance teaching of English.

* Allowing flexibility to self-determine fully-paid maternity leave not exceeding 90 days from the current 60 days subject to a total of 300 days of maternity leave throughout the tenure of service.

* The toll rates in four highways owned by PLUS Expressway Berhad will not be raised for the next five years effective immediately.

* RM50 million to construct several shaded walkways in the KLCC-Bukit Bintang vicinity.

* Development of world's first integrated eco-nature resort at a cost of RM3 billion by Nexus Karambunai in Sabah to commence next year.

Are these babes amongst the 300 which import duty is to be abolished?? Aisyeh...why didn't abolish masa zaman-zaman I pakai size 2 dulu??

* Abolishing of import duty on 300 goods preferred by tourists and locals, at 5 to 30 percent, to promote Malaysia as a shopping heaven in Asia.

* Another landmark project "Warisan Merdeka" which includes a 100-storey tower, the tallest in Malaysia, at a cost of RM5 billion to be completed by 2015.

* Exemption of sales tax on all types of mobile phone

And the list goes on and on and on.....

My response?? Nadaaa....but I just want to quote Jerry Maguire - "Show me daaaa MONEYYYYYY"


Naz said...

*Showww me da monnnneeeyyyyyy!!*

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
Berhutang dan bergolok bergadailah nampaknya. purrr.....meow!

kay_leeda said...


Another one to quote is Donald Trump's Apprentice theme song ""

kay_leeda said...

Dear CatIS,

Jangan bergolek-golek sudah lah kan. Only cats are allowed to do that right?

tireless mom said...

Tak payah cerita banyak banyak. You and I know where the money will come from. Habis di kikis.

The joke goes, we need another Tower because we want to have tea high up with the gawd. The present ones are not high enuf. This is what these people call pride.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Can print more money what...kekeke.

Very colourful pictures u got there, why so small one hah? Jokes aside, women lingerie r really big business, macam-macam fasyen pun ada, styles also got for all difference occasion wears too. Saw one (on telly lah) bra that actually had a build-in dress to come with it (not the other way round) :))

Anonymous said...

Isy..I don't think that permata pintar concept is worth the money..I know someone yg anak dia goes to permata..byk rupanya the centres.

3 billion for the eco resort?? Aiyaa..why am I not related to the ministers..sigh..

Jah @ busybody