Sunday, February 14, 2010

V-day Buzz

It was worth the wait for nasi lemak at our favourite breakfast joint in Seksyen 3 this morning. The Mak Cik meticulously scooped the fried peanuts and sambal and placed them on top of the rice before she packed everything into that spread of banana leave. Got 5 packs for everyone at home. I usually would stay away from "rice thingy" in the morning. But today...heck them calories, I finished that pack of nasi lemak, sambal, peanuts...everything which was my share!!

Hanya gambar hiasan... :)

After the sumptuous breakfast, the big man went on to work at re-organizing his tool shed. I had no interest of going close to his work station for the fear that I may not "tahan" with what's in sight and may want to shove 80% percent of those items into the black garbage bags. I am very sure that would make those MBSA garbage pick up guys smiling at Bibik, assuming it was her who had been behaving like Santa Rina.

Big man's understudy - the small man is busy listening to instructions given and trying to complete all assignments as fast as he could. Reason for the "lipas kudung" act is because a later outing arrangement with friends. Guy friends?? Girl friends?? Mommy here suspects both.

A similar scene can be seen upstairs where the two girls were busy making their room spotless. My instruction was to wipe everything, re-arrange all the book shelves and vacuum every inch of the room. They did pretty well, I must say. Of course Mommy had to supervise a little and made sure that no short cuts was taken.

And where did I fit into this robot like task force? My port - the guest room downstairs, and to specifically work on the rarely used family closet. Not going to be fun, but someone's got to do it. We Moms always get the most challenging task, don't we?

And guess what were my findings when I checked the top most shelve? Tadaaa....these old letters. Errr...make that old lurveee letters lah.

Letters came in myriad of coloured envelopes; this one, letter no 41 was in green. Used to number all my letters too...(zamam berchenta....semua nye indah & rajin nak buat!!)

One of the many cards occasions, saja suka pi book store and mission was to get hold of these cuties!!

Take a wild guess, how many letters are there?? During the times when I wasn't fizzling my brains in the computer lab, I wrote letters and then day dreamed by the lake.

Present more day dreaming, just blogging and FBing with Chitty


MHB said...

i have a bunch of those letters/cards too!! and "saja suka pi bookstore and mission was to get hold of these cuties".. org kat sini terasa lah... haha.. sama je kiter (but the cards are really cheap kan.. :)

enjoy your break!

hazlin said...

ya la... i dulu pun simpan all these cards esp. the cintan cintun sentimental semonel ones. tah mana i simpan, dah lupa...

youngsters nowadays ada ke lagi hantar2 card mcm ni. ya le with all the modern n canggih ways?

selamat berkemas2an...

mamasita said...

Gosh Kay..pandai you simpan all these precious cards as momentos..cucu cicit pun boleh belek atok moyang punya zaman berchenta!

Mine dah lama buang entah ke mana..Boo hooo boo hoo!
Surat cinta I pun entah mana dah humban..hehe

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Auwww...Aunty Kay, you're a romantic too! Am guessing those love letters with Abe. Yang lain2 dah bakar kot? teeheehee.... purrr....meow! Mama said mai-lah tolong kemas kat sini pulak...

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hey Kay, that nasi lemak; flashback xxx years, cost me only 15 sen in the neighborhood warung. Had one on Saturday morning cost me AUD$8.00 + a couple of fried chicken tho, served in a Royal Dalton plate :))). Cie la vie.

Noooo, all my incriminating Hallmarks were destroyed to avoid unnecessary 'chi-kek' having to explain to Ah Soh....hahaha.


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Hie Tommy!
Been seeing your signature everywhere! You Aussie, mate? Anywhere near moi? purrr.....meow!

Sorry Aunty Kay, tumpang warung kejap!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Soli Kay, ekskew me,

No lah Cat, me international citizen "Have Gun Will Travel" now under hired by Mr Packer :) Seduced by the world since I went away long2 time ago when George Best was still playing football, so never got back, but all the good makcik keep me informed of the going ons in hometown.

Soli hor, me no Dr Doolittle, no spiking Cat language..hehehe.

kay_leeda said...

Dear MHB,

I know you are into letter writing. need to terasa lah, zaman dolu-dolu berchenta kena lah tulis surat kan. The book store was my favourite lepak place. Stickers, letter pads, name it, I'd always come home with lots of them.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Hazlin,

These letters we initially stored in a box dlm store room. One time we were clearing things, we found them. So pak cik ni decided to hide them from the eyes of the kids. Ayooo...if them read them, sure they guling-guling ketawa with all the cintan cintun stuffs!! I baca sekarang pun, I ask myself "Awat lah aku semonel sgt masa tu??"

kay_leeda said...

Dear Mamasita,

I tak pandai simpan, yg pandai nyer adalah hubby. At times he'd keep stuffs sampai TAK JUMPA!! Ha punyer lah terrer!!

Err..rasa nyer cannot show "these" stuffs to the cicit piut. They may go like, "who are these crazy people who had time to write stuffs like these??"

So next thing I'm gonna do it to label the box FOR OUR EYES ONLY. Orang lain better not have a hold on them!!

kay_leeda said...

Dear Cat-in-Sydney,

Bingo babeh...those letters were for ABE. I had written to the "past tense' too. But luck had it, I was bertepuk sebelah tangan, and not much correspondence took place. need my help to kemas?? Ummpp...that could easily be arranged, as long as there's RT agenda hidden somewhere :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Tommy,

Gong Xi Fa Cai to you :)

Yes, those days a packet of nasi lemak did not burn a hole in our pockets. For the 5 packets, the red note easily took care of everything.

Of course lah, you go makan nasi lemak served on Royal Dalton, the price has to match the fine dining lorr. left nothing of "blast from the past" stuffs behind?? Dun want ah-sor to find out?? Good for you lah, past is past, no point rekindling history. I also don't quite remember the "past tense(s)". So many....if you start counting from the preschool days..LOL.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Cat-in-Sydney & Tommy,

This is borak warong kopi eh?? No pleasure being the host. Next time say lah want to sembang-sembang more, I'll go make coffee & goreng pisang panas :)

SOHO Mama said...

Kak Kay! So cool of you to keep all those! Masa I dulu, byk email2 hehheh..kad2 ada la errr..mana eh..
BTW we did some springcleaning over this long weekend too..rasa bestnya bila byk junk dah dibuang & more space to put new stuff in :P

Desert Rose said...

Waaaa, Abe still simpan all your love letters..syoknyer, so lomantic u two. Agaknyer mana la pi mine ekk *jeling hubby*