Saturday, May 24, 2008

Adlin Arman Ramli - GO HOME!!!!

I am watching the AF final concert as I write this entry. All five students Toi, Riz, Nubhan, Nadia and Stacy have performed their 1st round of songs. Performance wise, they averagely did ok. Obviously there were some who were better than the other. Adat lah kan...bila competition. There are ok ones and there are some not so ok ones. Nama nyer pun students. Budak-budak who have gone through about 10 weeks of vocal trainings and performance coaching in an academy called Akademi Fantasia.


I don't want to say much about the students' performance. What irks me so much is one jury at this concert. I personally feel this particular jury is so unfair with his comments. He said some unbecoming words while he commented one student's performance. The student is Nadia, a small petite girl who has a powerful voice. It was obvious that Adlin favours this Nadia girl. Thus giving such glorious comments on Nadia's performace. However, as he patronizes Nadia, he insensitively made a remark comparing Nadia's performance to the other two students Nubhan & Toi.


Adlin made this remark saying that he wants to see more of Nadia's powerful like performance and not those "tak bertenaga" ones of Nubhan and Toi. Wei...hello....Mr Adlin have you no sense of fair judgement? Nadia had like 8 back up dancers with her during her performance. Nubhan and Toi were left to sing on their own on the big and spacious stage. They were left to capture the audience attention solely with their own acts. They moved around on stage with their simple dance. Simple yet enough to entertain the audience. Well, I was entertained.


So what I am getting at is that this arrogant Mr Adlin has got things too much up his head. Be fair with your comments. Yes, Adlin has his own talk show. But, if I were to list out his hambar jokes in his talk show, he'd probably not have his contract renewed for the another season. So, I'm telling u ADLIN....go home....stop picking on these kids. Keep your mouth!!!

For those of you who don't know what am I rattling about, it's OK. I just need an outlet to kutuk this Adlin guy. Anyway, this is my blog so I am free to write what I like.

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