Monday, May 19, 2008

Another Dentist Trip

I chickened out on my first dentist appointment for RC last week. I thought the nurse would just leave me alone, forget about me and would just give my appointment slot to another patient. Naaa...I was so wrong with my thoughts. She called when I did a no show and she quickly gave me an alternate date when I told her I couldn't make it that day. Okay lah...I guess I NEED a person like that. Someone who would PUSH me to go see the dentist.

So, yesterday at 10.30 in the morning, I dragged myself for my appointment. Fearing that I would be blue and shaky from the treatment, I got ABE to accompany me there. Yelah...mana lah tu kot-kot doctor tu bagi tripple shots of local ker...hai...memang tak jumpa jalan pulang ler daku!!

Anyway, the dentist was very professional in his work. He did an xray of my tooth and some other things to it. I could feel him injecting some gel like stuff into my tooth. I cringed when it hit the nerves and my facial expressions when berkerut-kerut. ...of course "drama" terlebih la tu. I didn't dare watch what he was doing after that. So I kept my eyes closed from then on.

All in all, everything was over in about 20 minutes. Takde la lama mana...cuma for a penakut like me, it felt ages long. Like always the charges, kalu tak cecah 3 digits tak sah. What to do...bayar je lah. The nurse fixed me another appointment which will be some time week after next.

Fuhhh...what a relief when I walked out of the door. Walked down and saw this sprawling black Rover. Sah-sah lah...tu kete dentist ku!! Hai napa lah those days tak de cita-cita nak jadik dentist...but then again....ada berani ker??? Guess...I'll just have to go dreaming on with the Rover.

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