Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Me and My Tooth - Love Hate Relationship

If only I hadn't taken that bite on the Kit Kat Milk bar, I would not be suffering so bad today. My tooth has been throbbing with pain since yesterday. I felt like asking someone punch my face so that the pain would go away.

Not leaving me with much choice, I called my dentist and fixed an appointment see him today. By last night I was on two painkillers. Bad I know but really, really cannot tahan. The painkillers knocked me out right till Subuh. Wow...now I know why mat-mat laloq tu gian on these things. They really clear your mind, no worries for now at least.

My appointment with the dentist was at 10.30 this morning. All my life, I have feared going to the dentist. When I was a young girl back in Seremban, my dad used to take me to the government dental clinic. I don't blame him for taking me there. Firstly, because there were not many private dental practises around and secondly, they were very expensive. On a teacher's sallary, mana lah mampu kan nak spend so much on my teeth saja. But I would drag so much going for my dental visits.

I don't know about you guys out there but I feared the government dentists so very much. The nurses were so unfriendly too. They looked as if they were about to extract all your teeth at one go, without giving the jab.

Well, that was how many years ago?? More than 30 years ago lah. The dentist we have these days are very different from those of my schooling days. Their clinics are more friendly, piped with soft music and very nice and some have fluffy sofas for patients to sit on. The walls now have soft pastel wall paper etc..etc. Bottomline is dental patients now experience a more relaxed environment when visiting the dentist.

For me, even with all the soft music, my heart was beating so fast, as if I had run a marathon and not forgetting the throbbing toothache which I was still having. When I was called, I took small steps into the surgery room. Haa....nama nyer pun dah SURGERY...habis la. Muka dah pucat dah ni...

The doctor asked me how things are with me today and was very polite in asking me what was bothering me with regards to my teeth. Ok lah..I told him my kit kat bite story and how I much I was in pain since this morning. He then checked the tooth which he suspected was giving me all the discomfort. He later did a "current" test (haiyo...when he said "current" I immediately thought of electricity...habis la ...aku kejung kena electric shock kat atas kerusi ni..teringat movie "the green mile"...heheh..eheheh)

The doctor then explained to me that my tooth could not be filled up anymore. He asked me if I still wanted to keep the tooth. I said I still want to keep it. So he recommended that I did a root canal. I was kinda expecting this coming. The last time I met up with him pun, he did say the same thing. But I was so "chicken" then. Now, I am left with no choice. I asked him if it was painfull. He said with all the jabs ..tak de lah. But it would be painfull for the pocket!! La...doctor ni bole plak buat lawak dalam pada I tengah kesakitan ni. What to do, mahal ker tak, if it has to be done, buat je lah. Meaning this month, I would not be able to splurge on any retail therapy. Ok lah....gigi is more important than baju or handbags. Kalu baju cuns...but gigi sakit no point jugak kan.

One funny thought came across my mind when I was waiting for the doctor to prepare me for my treatment this morning. A very cheeky thought really. Suddenly, I visualize my state ex-chief minister (yg muka jadik so smooth due to tempe eating....really ah???) going back to his dental practice again. He'd be in the doctor's chair asking patients to open their mouth big and checking their bad teeth. Nak gelak pun ader rasa nyer. Then I visualized his wife, the dear datin as his assistant, asking the patients to gargle after each treatment....and they both look so pathetic.

Anyway, after two injections, my lips felt as if I had botox filled into it. But my pain was gone. The doctor treated it and gave me some antibiotics. I am to finish the medication and I will have to visit him again next week. He had explained earlier that he would work on the nerves on the next visit. Apa-apa lah...just get it done. The less I know the better it would be. Knowing all details would only scare me like *&#!.

The doctor gave me an MC to rest today. My painkiller is gone and I am beginning to feel some slight pain again. Lunch will be porridge today.

Oh...poor me...poor me. Any tooth fairy out there, please help...... :-((

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