Saturday, April 26, 2008

1st Retail Therapy of the Year - Hanoi

This trip to Hanoi was the result of the ultimate passion for retail therapy. And I must express my sincere thanks to non other than Air Asia for providing my girlfriends and I with the adrenaline rush of trying to get hold of those RM0.00 tickets. Such an act (of obtaining the RM0.00 tickets) requires coordination, timely actions and most of all determination. For those of you who have attempted to do so would surely know how it felt like when you click on the SUBMIT button on the final Air Asia booking page.

This Hanoi booking was however not made by yours truly. It was Muni who beat me to the SUBMIT button. Well, you see we were trying at both our ends. So kirakan sapa cepat dia dapat la… Alhamdullillah, we managed to get 3 free (so called free…still got to pay lah..for the airport tax and etc etc) tickets to Hanoi.

Actually we had deliberated on the destination. Nak gi Padang ker? Or should we do a repeat visit to Bangkok ker? Bandung? Nahh…tired (at that time lah) of the FOS. In the end, we decided to give Hanoi a try. New place..what the heck, we were game. Plus my sister has told me some interesting stories about friends who have gone to Hanoi and what shopping was like there. Apa-apa pun SHOPPING tu numero uno!!!

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