Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wheels Trouble

Why is it when the warranty period expires, one would have problems with their purchases? In my case, it was my car. Only about a year old, it gave me a tough time this evening.

Tired and hungry, I wrapped up my work late this evening. Like always I'd take the elevator to level 2 of the multi tier car park at my work place. All I wanted to do was get home as fast as I could and have dinner with the rest of the gang.

And my ordeal was just about to start.

I walked to my car only to discover that the doors couldn't be unlocked and the alarm was haywire. I tried pressing the remote of my car and it just didn't blink. Ahhkksss.....I hate car problems!!! This is the one thing I find so difficult to tolerate. I need to have my wheels at my disposal and when it behaves funny, I just feel like pushing it into the lake near my office!!!

You see...I sent the car last week for servicing and it was ok when I drove it to work on Wednesday. Thursday it was ok too. And today...came the surprise...the alarm refuse to cooperate. Why la...why la...I definitely don't need this added to my mounting stress.

I called ABE to ask him what to do. It was obvious to me that we are never good at crisis handling especially when I was hysterical on the other end. I was advised to call the breakdown hotline so get some assitance. Again there were some confusion there. It's some service the insurance company is supposed to provide. But since, I am a nut head at bothering about all these policies and their numbers, I obviously didn't have any info to provide the lady at the help centre. I could have just kicked myself....

Anyway after several phone calls to ABE and some digging into my dashboard looking for my car manual book, I found the much needed info. I then called the service centre and thet were noce enough wanting to help. They said they'd send a tow truck. Urgghh ...that wasn't the exact solution I was looking for. I had this ugly vision streaming into my head...tow truck, multi level car park, being stranded at the service centre and not forgetting I WAS HUNGRY that I could eat anything that came pass me!!! To top it up, the roads were jammed to the max and it was also pouring buffalos, lions and tigers out there.

So I told the service centre lady, no tow truck for me and I'd find some way to solve this problem on the next day. I gathered my things and went downstairs to try get a cab to go back home. The security guard on duty was kind enough to help hail a cab.

I finally got home an hour later. Face so poyo and my mild headache had turned into the splitting one. No one at home dared say more they should.... fearing that the hungry dragon lady might just give a fiery flame thrower.

Had my dinner, put out this posting, swallowed down an Actifast and went straight to bed. I will deal with the car when I feel better tomorrow.

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