Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hanoi Here We Come

I didn't get much sleep that night. By the time I finished packing, it was almost midnight. The flight to Hanoi will be at 6.30am. Muni's husband, Abdullah had volunteered to send us to LCCT that morning. Pick up time was at 3.30am. Ayoo....have to get up at 2.30 lorr. Tak pe..tak pe...we were so bersemangat!!

When we got to LCCT, there was already a line at the check-in counter for Hanoi. No surprise to us. So we just queued together with the rest of the crowd. Most of the passengers were Vietnamese workers heading back to their homeland. Many had baggage which were about to burst. It's a real wonder if they could stick to the 15kg baggage allocation given by Air Asia.

After checking in, we went straight to Immigrations check point and then into the departure waiting area. We headed to the cafe and got ourselves coffee and donuts. I quickly finished my breakfast and headed to the surau to get ready for Subuh prayers. Still got time, we would not be boarding until 6.05am. If was just nice for me. After my Subuh, the passengers were just starting to queue infront of the gate.

Our flight departed on time. It was obvious we were all so excited. We said we could catch up with our sleep but no one actually managed to do that. We were excited like school kids going on their first trip.

3 flights arriving at the same time

Eager passengers waiting for their luggage

Jupe's bag was the 1st to come out

Three and a half hours later we landed safely in Hanoi. Immigrations clearance as a breeze. We then went to the baggage collection area for our bags. It was such a long wait for our bags to come out. There was just one collection area and there were 3 flights which had landed at the same time. I guess it would have been a lot faster if we just waited by the plane and have them passed our bags to us. After the endless 3o minuets wait we finally got our bags.

Yess...Hanoi we are ready to paint you red!!!

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