Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Breakfast Club Meeting

Try going out with just your girl friends for breakfast sometime. Girls being girls, you'll definately be hitting on a different note than the routine breakfast with the family. That's for sure.

I did just that with my girl friends last Saturday. I'd like to call it as the Breakfast Club Meeting.

Jupe, Muni, Kak Ariza & I hit out to a Mac Donald's restaurant last Saturday morning to have breakfast. It wasn't just.... breakfast, breakfast. It was a session filled with "oooosssss" and "ahhhhsssss" upon seeing Kak Ariza's purchases from her one week adventure in Jakarta.

Cutie Cat - Anya Hindmarch purses

Shopping was obviously the main topic of conversation. However, "something" really, really interesting came about while we were admiring her purchases. We began to talk about things we like doing most, none other than travel and shop. Then the topic of government grants and business plan began to pop up. Next thing we knew was, we were discussing of potential entrepreneurial plans from our interests and experiences combined.

Another addition to the collection of handbags & those in the boxes...they are tudungs - heavy on the bling-blings

At the end of the meeting, we all agreed that what we have discussed is really going to be something interesting and worth working on. I suppose there will be more of this breakfast club meeting and let's see where this will lead us gals towards.

Perhaps we should start considering Anya's tagline "We Are What We Do" seriously from now onwards...

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