Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jupe's Bling Bling

It was Jupe's birthday yesterday. The three of us girls, Muni, myself and Jupe the birthday gurl indulged ourselves with cakes and tea at Secret Recipe.

I got a small present for Jupe, an Anna Sui evening purse. To make it even lovelier I embellished it with colourful beads. The purse wasn't ready yet when we went out yesterday. I just showed Jupe what I was working on and asked to have back the purse to get it completed. Heh..heh..macam buruk siku la plak :-)

I finally got it ready this afternoon. I texted Jupe when it was ready. She came later to collect it and said she'd show it off to friends she's meeting tomorrow.

Way to go gurl.....

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