Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pre Hanoi Story

It has been almost two weeks since my girlfriends and I were in Hanoi. I have wanted to write about our adventures in Uncle Ho's city almost immediately. However, work had to take priority. I was away from work for three days. Obviously, work had piled up and deadlines came even faster than I could imagine.

Anyway, I will try and put up my postings as fast as I can. Hope to get all the stories up by end of the week. If tak habis my cerita-ceriti…sorry ah.... Banyak gak other personnal things which have been put aside for quite some time… celebrating our wedding anniversary!!!!

Happy Belated Anniversary to US :-)

Well, our anniversary was the day before I left for Hanoi. Sempat gak la celebrate with ABE. Managed to curi time between nak change money to Vietnam Dong and Friday prayers. So had to settle for a quick lunch at Mid Valley Laksa Shack. Kesian to me…well, that’s what happens when the number of years married has gone double digits. In my case the “sa-puluh” has even changed to “dua-puluh”. Gosh it has been that long kaa…???

So that Laksa Shack thingy tak kira lah. I’m sure both ABE and I can do better than that…hahah..ahhaha…LOL!!!

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