Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Run For Fun

Imagine waking up at 5 in the morning on a Sunday!!! A real bommer right? Well, that was what excatly I did last Sunday. Reason to it??? Run For Fun.

My little girl participated in this run which was organized by one TV station last Sunday. Flag off was supposed to be at 7a.m. However, kids had to register between 5.30am till 6.30am. I thought to myself, who would be insane enough to be awake so very early on a Sunday for this run??

Get ready kids....

Off you go!!!

When I got to the Shah Alam Studium (where the run was held), I saw throngs of parents and kids all ready for the run. There were like thousands of people at the stadium that morning.

All in all I am glad everything went well for my girl. She didn't win any prizes but I think she did experience some "fun" at the run. As for me, it wasn't any fun at all for I ended up with a splitting headache when the whole thing was over.

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