Wednesday, April 2, 2008

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I feel just like the stickmen in the icon above. I am in Penang today and will only be back on Friday. Work is piling and deadlines are catching up. The mad rush is on...thus the mad running and jumping up and down as seen in the icon above. If not for some spirit lifting events in the upcoming days...I wouldn't know how I am to survive the challenging days ahead.

My can't wait list...

Can't wait to complete my work here and head straight home. But before heading back to KL, must try to get some asams from Chowrasta. That would mean braving the crawl on the Penang Bridge...ahhhkkksss :-(

Can't wait for this Saturday, a breakfast meet up with Muni, Jupe & Kak Ariza. Guess Kak Ariza will share with us her recent retail therapy in Jakarta. Perhaps we could also plan for more retail therapies in the coming months.

Can't wait also to collect my new tudungs from this new tudung tailor both Muni & I discovered. I have sent several pieces and now waiting eagerly for them to be ready.

On top of my can't wait list is...

Can't wait to be on the plane to Hanoi on 12/4/2008. Really..really can't wait to be doing some serious retail therapy!!!

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