Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mohabbatein - Love Stories

I am feeling kinda stressed as the weekend approaches. Very much due to the back to back deadlines of FRPs (request for proposal) for submission to clients. My sister had buzzed me Friday evening telling me that ISETAN was having a sale for members. Also that night Muni informed that Parkson is also having a sale. Arkhhsss...apa ni!! I should be out there doing retail therapy. But instead I am bogged with work and more work. This really sulks!!

So this afternoon with some push and encouragements from Nissa, I am determined to get the propasals completed. Esok boleh gi jalan-jalan. And perhaps do some baking too. Ummppp...lama dah tak indulge in those yummy cupcakes. Sinful pun sinful lah...

I scanned the programs on tv to see which one would be good in keeping me company while I do my work. Nothing very, very interesting though. Then I switched to TV3 and this Hindi movie - Mohabbatein was just about to start. Ok lah...citer hindustan pun citer hindustan lah. Perhaps this would help churn more ideas out of me.

So..layan lah lagu lentok in this movie. Some familiar tunes came on air. Ayooo...such beautiful tunes and in just moments, I was transported back to my Indian trips. Walking the streets of New Delhi, Calcutta and Chennai where shops were blaring tunes from the Hindi movies as if noone cared. Ishhh..rasa nak gi India la plak dah!!! Kalu dapat gi New Delhi for retail therapy, it would be really a shopping paradise. Don't know if ABE has any trips to India this year. Kalu ader, I'd drop everything and follow him. Tak kira dah RFP ker, tender ker....bhot-bhot phir bil dil hai hidustani!!

Well, thanks to Mohabbatein I managed to complete my RFP. The song towards the end of the movie sounded pretty nice. So I've decided to get the link from You Tube. Jadi, sesiapa yang nak tangkap lentok, click je lah kat the picture below..

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nurfarihaliah said...

dah lama xtgk citer ni.
apsal xhabaq citer ni kuar dkt tu ary tu.hehe.