Friday, August 8, 2008


It's a calendar date one of its kind, August 8th in the year 2008. One would write it as 08.08.08. A rather unique combination of 0's and 8's.

I had a rather different kind of excitement today. I was in a function with Angkasawan, Dato' Dr Sheikh Muzzafar Shukor here in Kuching. The 40 minutes drive from Kuching to a small town called Tapah in the rain was worth all the effort. My colleague and I were one of the program coordinators of the Maxis Cyberkids-2 Camp. Together travelling with us were Pn Liza from Maxis and Pn Maznun from MoE.

When we got to the school, it was raining really hard. Not long after that Dr Sheikh arrived. The kids went like.....ooooo...aaaahhhhh....handsome nyer dia....aku gilakk!! The program was attended by more than a thousand school children from the neighbouring area. gempaq-gempaq nyer!!

I'll put more postings on the "Angkasawan at School" do at another time. But for now, I guess it suffice to post some of my pics with Angkasawan first. Perhaps enough to make some of you gals out there go ....ahhh...oooo.... too!! Jangan jeles eh...heh..heh...heh :-)


Madam Tai Tai said...

Drool..drool.. Kalah Brad Pitt!

kay_leeda said...

Tai Tai,

Memang la Dr SMS is so, so good looking. Shook hands with him and rasa tak mau wash dah lepas tu. His hands were so soft. Then again on second thought, Angkasawan's hands bukan ke sepatutnyer rough skit?? Heh..heh... I shall let your naughty mind ponder & wander on this ;-)