Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nissa's New Glasses

It didn't occur to me that my little girl would be needing glasses until one day when she asked me if I could talk to her teacher to get her to sit in the front row. I asked her why and she said she couldn't see the blackboard. Oooo...noooo.......poor thing!!

So last weekend ABE took Nissa to see an eye specialist. They both came back grinning with the result from the check up. The power of one of her eye is a whopping 450!!! Even more shocking was her astigmatism level is almost as high as mine!! This means there is no escape from not wearing glasses.

Both Faris & Farah had to wear glasses when they were in primary school. But kids being kids, their glasses would be the last thing they'd be taking care of. I remember one time when Farah came home, minus her glasses. When I asked her, she gave a simple reply, "Glasses tertinggal kat kelas." Urghhhh...... what was I supposed to say. Next day, back in school her glasses was no where to be found. Missing. Gone.

Then it was back to the optical shop for another pair of new glasses. And not long after that the new one was broken during sports practice. Ohhh.....and that was the one with the Disney frame. I can't exactly recall how many times we went back and forth to the optical shop. Even the girls at both England Optical and Focus Point could already recognize our faces.

And now Nissa has followed the foot steps of the brother and sister. Both ABE and her picked a simple purple coloured frame for her glasses. Much to my dismay, there goes her babyish looks. Enter the school girl look now.

Needless to say, Nissa is very excited about her new "companion". The bus driver tegur her just now by saying, "Kenapa pakai cermin mata? " Hai...Mat...lagi mau tanya ka?? Rabun lerrr makna nyer kalu dah kena pakai cermin tu!!!

As for me, I hope she'd do better at keeping her glasses by her side then her sister. I don't fancy frequenting the optical shop, no matter how interesting the new and latest designs are.


nurfarihaliah said...

dah ikut mcm kakya n kakna la.
lagi tinggi drpd kakya pnya kowt.

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi Kay,

Did you have a great time in Indonesia? It's been a while since I visited here.

Anak you pun kerap pecah glasses ke? Sama lah kita.

Each time we make new glasses for my son, I have to make him an extra pair. Asyik2 pecah, esp bila main sports. Told him to take it off when playing, when biasa lah never listens to me pun!

Btw, Nissa looks great in her new pair of glasses!

kay_leeda said...

Vacazion in Jakarta that day?, best, best!! My friends and I went shopping like CRAZY. I borrowed money from Yatt who was there on business and still tak cukup. Changed money twice lagi lepas tu. Well, more stories on Jakarta trip hopefully after I get back from my CRM trip in Kuala Sgor ni.

Kids in glasses...urghhhh tell me about it. I think if I were to buy shares of Focus Point or England Optical, I'd be rich by now....with lots of help from my kids.