Monday, August 18, 2008

Like "Chipsmore"

Nissa says I'm like Chipsmore...sekejap ada sekejap tak de. Mana tak nye, came back from my 1st camp yesterday and off again today for another camp. Came home with loads of dirty laundy for Bibik to look into and repack my bag and off again.

Fuhh...what a life!! I have so many "hutang" on spending time with the kids. They have started to ask already. Guilty as charged, I must confess. But I guess ABE and the kids have somewhat gotten used to me being a "chipsmore".

I'm also far behind in my blog postings too. Strories of Jakarta splurging have not made its apprearance in the blog. So kepada sesiapa yg mem-follow my retail therapy trails, looks like you guys have to wait just a little longer. But don't worry all the sensational stories have been logged into my PDA.

Okies...gotta finish my packing now. Hopefully Internet in Kuala Selangor is OK coz other wise I'll be a complete nut case!!

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