Saturday, August 23, 2008

N95 is Back - Newly Improved

This is a sequel to my earlier posting of my "injured" N95. Got the LCD screen fixed this morning and now it's back like usual. Fuhhh....what a relief!!

Earlier on when I sent text messages to friends enquiring about repairs for the broken LCD screen, I had mixed info about how much I'd have to spend on a new screen, somewhere in the range of RM1000 to RM400. Goshhh....mahal tu for just a small part of the phone.

Took the phone to my usual phone repair shop near by. Being a pro at his work the young chap told me that damaged screen is a common thing with N95. He said it could be replaced and qouted me a much lesser amount than I had anticipated. Fuhhh....yet another relief for me.

Alhamdullilah, my phone is back like a few additional safeguarding features.

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