Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Poor N95

Ohhh apa yg telah ku buat pada N95 ku!!!
(see the hairline cracks on the left hand side of the screen)

This morning I accidently "poked" the LCD screen of my N95. It now has three long hairline cracks on the LCD screen causing all text and images distorted to the max. sad!!

It was somewhat of a self inflicted action by me on the phone. After subuh prayers this morning, I wanted to doze off for a little while longer. I didn't sleep well last night, a usual thing that would happen to me when I am in a new place. So dalam pada I dok mamai-mamai tu, as I lowered my body onto the mattress, I accidently landed my elbow on the phone which was just next to me. And my elbow went right on the screen of the phone. Betol la nasib malang.....

But I think the phone kinda kecil hati with me. It was just yesterday I spoke to one of my girls enquiring about the 8GB N95. I asked if I could just change the card. My girl said, "No, kena tukar phone." Kot-kot la N95 I ni terdengar and rasa kecik hati kot...heheh...hehhe.... (though at times I do believe things which are close to us have feelings and senses too)

Called ABE and he said to bring it home and get it checked at a NOKIA centre. OK lah...tidak ler daku kena menjawap lebey-lebey on my carelessness.

So in the meantime, the screen looks horrid. Guess I'll have to wait till Saturday to take it to the shop. Till then, terpaksa la layan kesedihan on what had happened to my N95.

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