Thursday, August 21, 2008

Still at Camp - Second Last Day

I'm still at camp in Kuala Selangor. Today is the 3rd day of the second camp. One more day to go and we'd just have to hang in strong. Goshhhh...this has been one of the longest camp I've ever had. Serious!! That day when I met up with the District Education Officer, she said she would like to organize similar camp as this one YEARLY. Ya ampunnnnn.....sik sanggup aku!! Ha..terkeluar loghat Sarawak dibuat nyer.

Perhaps in my earlier postings I didn't get the chance to actually describe the camp which I am organizing. This camp - "Fun in Learning English" is a language camp organized for the children of 3 rural schools in Kuala Selangor. Kids sleep in tents and follow activities which have been designed and arranged for them.

Kids during registration

The first camp had about 77 kids and this second one has 68. Just imagine, I suddenly have a total of 100 over "instant" kids. Most of them are studying in Year 5 in the primary school. Tau-tau je that age. So hyper, so inquisitive yet playful and ader jugak yg terlebih manja nyer. When darkness sets in, ader lah yg berlinangan si air mata, nak tido dgn Mak. A few times, I had to do the calling to the parents telling them...anak Encik si so-and-so ni nangis...mau pulang!! Pening jugak dibuat nyer kepala yours truly the Project Manager ni!!

Setting up their tents

Girls too have their share of FUN!!

One thing I have noticed is that "kampung" kids and urban kids are so much different. They are game to do anything. Parents sent them here and we don't get a tinkle from them until the kids head back home when the camp ends. This is so unlike the urban parents. Hari-hari call to ask the well being of the children. I'm not too sure which is my preferance. I guess a combination of both would be best. Kenalah jugak ambik tau...but jgn ler terlebeh pulak. Parents being parents, I pretty know how it feels. I remember the first time Faris went for his Cadet Police camp. I was the one who didn't get to sleep at night. Worried sick of what could possibly happen to him during the time he was away. Padahal, budak tu enjoy sakan at camp.

In class activity

Outdoor activity ...suka nyer!!!

Ohh...a makeshift desk. Team work..

Together with the Dewan Pelajar Maskot ...tercabut beak mascot kena "attacked" by the kids. Jangan tak tau...they all budak kampung...ayam-ayam kampung semua ni.

Let's do the Chicken Dance!!

Choral Speaking Practise

Si budak Ashraf ni...sempat show off his shuffle skills

Being here in the school and being involved in the activities they participate in, make me realise that there's so much we can help these kids with. They definately need help with the English language. They are bright kids and it's really sad if their handicap is the language. But there is not much we can do in the four days at the camp. We hope the kids will develop enough interest in the language and continue improving in the future.

My team of trainers & facilitators. Thanks Gang!!

Luv Letter to Kak Rock - one of the facilitators

The entire program is DEAD tiring for all of us.... this 40+ Cikgu Besar (as they call me here at camp), my 2 trainers and 12 facilitators. But if you were to ask me to do it again, I guess, my team and I would still oblige. Coz we just don't have the heart to disappoint those such innocent faces. could we say "NO" to this....., WE love U too!!!


her said...

pn kay!! rindu jugak.. best x 2nd camp? mesti penat kn...

huhuu.. posting pn kay pasal camp nih nmpk lg menarik dr ain punye. wahaha..

pn kay, take care yer! rindu rindu~

kay_leeda said...


2nd camp best. Budak-budak gempaq in a different way. Not too many yg mcm Asyraf & gang. They were more competitive in their work.

But...they all bestttttt sgt. Miss them semua, for sure. Miss U all semua pun ;-)