Monday, December 29, 2008

Response to Tag

Many of the Makcik Bloggers have responded to Wanshana’s tag. Guess it’s my turn now and this is so typical of me, keeping things till the last minute. You see this is one bad habit of mine which I have conveniently allowed to breed in me since my student days.

Those days when I studied computer science, assignments came in many different forms and more often than not, the deadlines were crazily cruel to us students. Doing last minute assignments then became my cup of tea. Siap satu, hand in and work on the next one. At times, I even had to do multiples of computer programmes at one go. Ni tak termasuk nak study for quizzes and finals. Berasap kepala….

As such, even till now, I am so, so famous of doing things last minute, thriving on the adrenaline rush to give me that push to produce quality output. I know it irks my bosses most of the time, but when they see the output, they have no complains. And that also explains why at times I am awake all night long completing my work. Lagi lama perap, lagi bagus winenya (in my case, grape juice je lah..heh..heh).

Aduh…what a long intro. Ok, will get to the point now.

No 1 – Yup, I am a true blue procrastinator, would only do things right at the very last minute. Be it road tax renewal, maid application, banking stuffs etc, etc. Just love the adrenaline rush, but now I think I have to take it easy..may not be good for this aging heart.

No 2 – When I first started working, I didn’t have a maid. Did most of the house chores myself. Monday was for cleaning the rooms upstairs, Tuesday was bathroom scrubbing day, Wednesday was ironing day etc, etc. Boy, it was so tiring. One night, when I had to get up to prepare milk for Farah who was then still a baby, I missed calculated my steps and fell bergolek. That was the time when I realized that I needed help in the domestic front. Am definitely not going to kill myself trying to be a super doper house cleaner.

No 3 – Doing a double major in Computer Science and Statistics was a real killer. Wasn’t really my choice, but since I wanted to go study abroad, I was determined to give it a try. Though I think I would have done better if I switched to doing the non sciences. After my undergrad, I continued on to do TESL and training and that was how I got into this educational consultancy line. To give more icing (read: challenge a.k.a headache) to what I am doing now, educational consultancy is combined with IT project management. Confused?? Never mind, I’m pretty baffled myself with this mix combo.

No 4 – I once befriended this punk Mat Salleh chap. Bukan sebab apa, saja je nak test power. In the end, I chickened out when the guy was coming on too strong. Every time he asked me to join him to go see the punk bands playing on campus, I turned him down. In the end he got the message…phew!!! Cannot imagine the looks on my parents faces if I brought the punk home. Nak kena hambat ke apa!!!

No 5 – Before I flew to the States, my late Grandmother left me this one pesanan. She advised me to be selective when getting a life partner. “Kalau boleh biarlah orang kita (orghang Noghori) jugak,” she reminded me. Reason for that was she didn’t want my Mom to be all by herself celebrating Raya. At least, I’d be around if my other siblings were away celebrating Raya at their in laws. Fuhh…jenuh jugak nak mencari guys yang hailed from NS masa in UW dulu. Penat turning guys down upon asking them where they were from and if the answer was not Kuala Pilah or Seremban, I’d have to say, “Errmmm…sorry lah yer, tonight I got assignment to do.” Nasib baik bumped into ABE at a friend’s house and when he said he too was from Seremban, my next line was, “You suku apa?” Another relief was when he told me that he was from a different suku. Wokehh…good, you are my man…heh..heh!!!

No 6 – My pregnancies were all difficult. Morning sickness started from the time the doctor broke me the news that I was knocked out and it would continue till I delivered. I was huge during my pregnancies. All three babies weighed more than 3kg, Faris was 3.89kg, Farah was 3.68kg and Nissa was the biggest, weighing 3.98kg!!

No 7 – I followed strict pantangs when I delivered my two elder children since I stayed at my Mom’s during the confinement period . When it came to Nissa, I broke all the rules during pantang. My bengkung stint was only for two weeks instead of the required (by Mom) 40 days period. That explained the “enlargement” of my you know where….sigh.

No 8 – The up and down of my weight is like a yo-yo. Would like to lose another 5kg if possible. This has been my all time favourite new year resolution. It will again make it in my 2009 list…sigh.

No 9 – I swim pretty well. Started swimming when I was a little girl. The reason why my Dad sent us (TM and I) to swimming classes was because I was FAT. It did help to get me back into shape. I do 20 – 30 laps whenever I’m in the pool. It is also my way of diffusing all the unnecessary stress. So if you see me in the pool, splish splashing like crazy, it would mean that I am dead stressed!!

Ayoo…baru no 9 ka?? Another 7 to go…

No 10 - I taught my kids and ABE how to swim. Faris was the most liat. He said he’d only wanted to get his feet wet. This no compromising swim instructor pulled him into the pool and threw him into the deep end. Lepas tu, terus boleh swim and when he got better, the guard told me that he saw Faris doing triple somersault. Boys are just boys kan…

No 11 – I cannot read maps and often confused between right and left. I’d say left when my hand shows right and vice versa. Most of the time, I’d be the one behind the wheels and ABE would do the map reading.

No 12 – If I can help it, I try to do all my banking on the Internet or via kiosk banking. Malas nak pi start kereta, drive out and go to the bank. If I recall well, I only went to the bank 3 times this year. One time was to transfer money to ASB. The other time was to collect my credit card and I can’t remember what was the third visit for.

No 13 – I’m hopeless at doing housekeeping on my notebook, desktop berselerak. Bila nak buat presentation baru lah nak hide everything.

No 14 – Going the dentist really scares the daylight out of me. But nowadays, I don’t have a choice but drag myself and close my eyes tight till the treatment is over. Read about my dentist visit here.

No 15 – I am actually afraid of cats. Nissa was the one who persuaded me to take Manis and her kitties in. I’m now slowly learning to overcome my fear of felines.

No 16 - Ahhhh finally the last one. Kalau boleh I’d like to retire early, perhaps when I’m 45 (which will be in a few months...) or so. Kalau ikut ke-boringan with the ups and downs at work, rasa esok dah nak retire. But upon checking the bank account, haiyaaaa…..cannot lahhh!!!

Well, there you have it folks. I’m not tagging anyone coz almost everyone in my blog roll has been tagged.


Anonymous said...

Komen Pak Malim kucing ray yg alim.

Wow! Hebat rambut punk tu, kata Pak Malim sambil menggaru kutu. Saya pun nak buat rambut macam tu lah, kata Pak Malim sambil duduk berkelah. Some components in TESL are really fun, don't U think, especially for the literary inclined, kata Pak Malim sambil memakai Calvin Klein.

kay_leeda said...

Pak Malim kucing ray yang alim,

Nasib baik Kay didn't change hairdo like the punk, for she'd ended up looking like an old junk. "Animal Farm", "Great Gtsby" were some of the literature pieces done during the TESL days, kata Kay yang memang selalu dazed.

Wahh..Pak Malim pakai Calvin Klein!! Sungguh "happening" fashion Pak Malim, response Kay yang teringin nak makan pau kat Tanjung Malim.

Kak Teh said...

Kay, I'd love to see you in that hairstyle!!
Kak teh pun kena tag. Insyaallah.

zaitgha said...

hi Kay....

i befriended my tennis instructor and chickened out when he got too serious ha ha ha....

Salam Maal Hijrah and Selamat Tahun Baru

kay_leeda said...

Kak Teh,

Wooo..that would be the day, when I don the punk hairdo!! Do the tag yah, surely you have more than 16 to tell and I know most of us are all look forward to know what your list would be like :)

kay_leeda said...


Salam Maal Hijrah to you and family too.

Tennis instructor eh?? Nasib baik tak teruskan, otherwise move aside Serena Williams eh!! Here comes a Tennis Pro Makcik Blogger :)

myheartbleeds said...

Kay, are you really going to be 45?? Sure or not?? You don't look a day older than 30!! Guess you and your sis TM have got the best deal in the genes department, eh??

kay_leeda said...


Yessss...I'll be 45 in Feb!!! Guess it's because we are pretty small in size, that's why we look younger. I stress again, look younger only yah....heh..heh.

tireless mom said...

Dear Kay

# 4-my jaw dropped. Ok I will not tell anyone from the Tadins but my daughters, you knowlah kan they can be whistleblower.
# 5- uwan didn't tinggalkan pesanan nya pada daku. No wonder I could not be bothered.

# 10 - wait till Faris get a swimming instructor like Mr Tan or Mr Chan. Sure dah jadi dolphin dah.

kay_leeda said...


The punk's name was Dave something, something. For the life of me, I can't imagine bring an omputih home to Lubuk Gitan or Josseh!! What would the clan's response be yah???

I wanted so much to kulum the pool water and sembur at Faris when he didn't want to go into the water. But I know it wouldn't take much effect like how Mr Tan / Mr Chan ones did!! Ewwee....I can still rasa the semburan from the kumuran spatted on my face...cheh!!!

ms hart said...

Kay- uwah-uwaaah...udah lambat ni...Pak Malim jugak yang sampai dulu!!! huhuu

Hmm..."I can swim"...waahhh..inilah announcement yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh makcik kakcik dekcik bloggers...ramai yang hopeless aje!! hehe

Punk?!! aduduh duh.....tak terkata beta!!! hahaha

Ezza Aziz said...

rambut punk tu,,,waduh waduh! kalau kamu balik dengan mamat tu,mau pengsan nenek kamu tu...

Akak ingat lagi .lepas SPM anak akak Arwah Hakim tu balik dengan rambut cam tu...mengucap panjang akak! Mulut akak macam gunung berapi muntah marah kan dia,,apa la ko ni Kim..malu nya mak ko ni..apa la kawan kawan mak cakap nanti...kalau atuk nenek kamu nampak apa mak dan abah nak jawap....
Macam balung ayam jer rupa ko ni... mak beranak kan ko bukan suruh jadi macam ni....itu akak..kalu mak kamu atau nenek kamu cam ner agak nya.

akak pun bab pantang lepas bersalin ni sekejap jer...duduk kat rumah sendiri..main suka hati jer...boleh pergi shopping baju raya lagi...boleh pi makan kat kedai ..macam2 akak buat. heheeh

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Kay Keeda, here's wishing you and family the best of Seasons greetings and a very happy new year.
Wishing you lots of good health and laughter, best regards, Lee.

kay_leeda said...

Ms Hart,

Wanna join my swimming class?? Bolehh...cuma I am such a struct teacher. Must go venture the deep end dulu, boleh? Heh..heh.. Everyone can float and then swim actually. You just need to realx in the water and your body will automatically float.

The punk?? Betol!! Nasib baik tak menjadi, if not you all will have a punky mak cik blogger gitu.

kay_leeda said...

Kak Ezza,

Sebab rasa tak akan survive leteran mak & nenek saya tu lah, yang acara usha si Punk tu terbantut. Saya rasa mak saya mau bising berbulan-bulan kot, hingga lah saya give in.

Pantang?? Apa itu pantang kan!!!

kay_leeda said...

Hi Uncle Lee,

Long time no hear from you. Yes...wishing you & family a beatiful new year. May you be blessed with happiness and good health.

Take it easy on the partying eh..:)


the principal said...

Kak Kay,

I pun suka procrastinate - in everythinglah including finding a husband sampai sorang adik langkah bendul. When another younger sist gave me ultimatum - kahwin/ dia sumpah jd anak dara tua, barulah I terhegeh-hegeh cari life partner...

wanshana said...


Thank you for doing the tag, dear :). Waaaahhh, 16 random facts yang sungguh interesting. I'm glad I tagged all the Makcik Bloggers. We surely know a loy of each other's secrets now, kan? Boleh menggamatkan lagi our future sesi borak-borak, kan?

We share #1 and #16 in common.

I memang ultimate ya ampun punya procrastinator, but, like you, I perform much better under huge pressure (tapi, Ayah would be even more tensed than me when I had to cram everything at the last minute!)

And how I also wish I can pencen awal (even before 45!). Tapi, bila tengok all the liabilities, etc, memang dream on ajer lah I... But, no harm in dreaming, kan? ;)

Here's wishing the Happiest New Year to you, and family. Semoga dipanjangkan umur, dilimpahkan rezqi, and you all be blessed with love and joy and the best things in life, insya Allah.

mamasita said...

Hai Kay,
mengah jugak I nak baca sampai ke bawah!hehehe.

You baru 45?Hish!Nampak younger lah mama oi!

Happy New Year!

kay_leeda said...


Time and other things around us seem to pass so fast. Guess that's the reason why we procrastinate, just to have time a little longer to ourselves.

The bad thing is that, you start panicking when the list gets longer...outchh!!

p/s If it was me, I'd go run to the nearest guy and tell him, let's get married. I'm not going to allow my sis be an andartu!!! Boleh buat script drama nih...

kay_leeda said...


No sweat, in the end it was kinda fun doing the tag...errr pls don't start another one going yah :)

My no 16 will be a "dream on", "dream on" and continuous "dream on..." I wonder if Bernard Madoff wouldn't mind giving away just a little bit of his money to us. Then No 16 will be a reality..

kay_leeda said...


Nampak muda from far...mai tengok closer, could one hide 'em lines?? But then who's counting kan? Age is just a number :)