Monday, December 22, 2008

Makcik Bloggers We ARE!!

I just had to get the message across to ABE. My eye signals to him for the last 5 minutes had not been able to catch his attention. Poor Nissa had to be the messenger. She was to deliver this one important message to her Daddy, “MAMA AJAK BALIK NOW!!!”

We were at ABE’s cousin’s wedding yesterday noon and my mental calculations had it that we should be heading back to Shah Alam latest by 1pm. I’ve gone to jengok the bride and did what was necessary at mingling with the in-laws. From a distance, I could see MIL looking at me from the corner of her eyes, giving that funny look and wondering how come I was making my rounds at greeting and saying good bye to folks at one go.

Thank God ABE read Nissa’s cue. The kids salam-salam with the cousins and finally when they salam with the Grandmother she popped THE question, “Kenapa nak balik cepat sangat?” I’d normally leave Farah to answer these type of questions in her subtle yet sharp words, worst still when said with her usual “berlagak” tone. The rest was history and we were well on our way back to Shah Alam. Fuuhhhh…lega!!

I wouldn’t want to miss today for anything, it’s the Makcik Blogger meet day!!! It didn’t matter much if we were a makcik ker, kak cik ker, dik cik ker, we all had this one thing in common, we have been blogmates – sharing our life stories, ups and downs, food for thoughts as well as food for the taste buds etc, etc (too long of a list to put up, if you know what I mean). It would be the day when we were to meet face to face with the so many familiar online names like MrsNordin (who was kind enough to organize the event), Madam Tai Tai, Ms Hart, Kak Ezza, Ummi365 and the other blogs which I’ve been stalking off and on like SuperWomanWannbe, Wanshanna, Ibu, Zaitgha and also the regular commenters like Bella and Busybody. Of course, there was also TirelessMom – whom I am ever so familiar with.

Having TirelessMom with me definitely eased the butterflies in my stomach. But then as we approached the long table where a group of ladies was already seated, the whole quirky feeling just flew out the window. There was so much warmth, easiness and bonding amongst us already. Everyone was going like “ooo…”, “ahhhh…”, “wahhhh…” followed by loud cracks of laughter from various corners of the table. Tak sangka everyone could just "click", feeling so at ease talking to each other, recollecting some of the entries we had posted in our blogs. I could have sworn I saw the envious look on the waiters and waitresses faces when they saw us having fun all afternoon long. Like one of us said to them, “Hey, we ni semua makcik bloggers tau!!!” and may I add to that yang we are so proud and happy to be one. Personally, rasa tak puas nak bersembang with everyone, so I’m putting some of the words I wasn’t able to express to all here.

Here goes…

MrsNordin – Thank you so much for making it happen, what’s with initiating the meet, and taking you from your time with Nizzar to make the other necessary arrangements. And thank you for the gift too. It was beautiful, sayang nak pakai and dah letak dalam showcase!!! Love your bubbly self, and love that smile of yours (yang now boleh dilihat on Nizzar too!!)

Madam Tai Tai – Ahh, are off on your hols already. Thank you so much for the gift and yes salam perkenalan, though I don’t think we are strangers of any kind here. Demure, pretty and so, so proper you are and the title Tai Tai is one very suitable one for you. Happy Belated Birthday too dear!!

Ms Hart – I knew it was you when I saw you!!! Tak lain tak bukan itu lah Ms Hart, girl you are so YOU and that’s what I like best about you. Never mind the “baju ayam”, love your outfit..lip lap gitu kan!!! InshaAllah we’ll meet at tanah tumpah darah Hang Tuah when I go send Faris back in a few weeks time.

Ummi356 – Next time I see a Laura Ashley, I’ll be thinking of you!!! It was a lovely tote, brought it to work this morning and have paraded to my girls at the office. Then my girl came up with this brilliant idea. She said, “Puan next time we have training boleh kita bagi bag like this eh!!” Wallah girl, there you have it, the tote is an eye catcher, for sure.

Kak Ezza – Akakkkk… are so cool lah!!! I salute you akak, so full of confidence and there’s just so much compassion in your words. Both baju and orangnya manis. Padan lah Abang terpikat and Abang was so nice to have sent you to the meet. No wonder lah eight children!!! Muakkksss…..!!!

Ibu – It was so nice meeting you. Like the part when you said, “Dapur berasap tiap-tiap hari even during the absence of Bibik…berasap Maggie!!” Bila baca blog, rasa macam tak berani nak mess around with someone as confident as you are. But bila dah kenal, heh..heh…lebih kurang satu kepala je kita and respect the “peaces” during the photo sessions.

The Principal – Lovely top you had yesterday, so well coordinated. Even though we didn’t get to chat longer yesterday but I know just like with everyone else, we could click kan. I like the things you are doing with the children at your centre. And because of that we have a couple of things in common. Thanks for the muffins. Had that for breakfast this morning :)

Wanshanna – Wished I had managed to chat longer with you too. Tak pe lah the next time around we catch up ok. Must also thank your girl for helping to snap pics of us before we left yesterday. I’ll be frequenting your blog from now on :)

SuperWomanWannabe – Memang will be frequenting your blog after this, who knows I could get a tip or two about becoming a superwoman as well. So much in common kan we are, the “wannabes”. Well at least we try kan…and is the maid back already? :)

Zaitgha – Thanks for the tarts. It was sinfully delicious. Rest assured, you’ll be hearing from me very, very soon!!! Ni tengah clicking on your blog to see which is the most sinful to order. Watch out for my email yah :)

Busybody – Wished I had more time to chat with you too. Do come and busybody at Sembang at Kay’s yah!! That way we can both be busybodies :)

Bella – Hurry girl, get that blog going, pour all your heart out in it. We all have lots to say about “that” department. So no worries yah dear.

And last but not least, TirelessMom – glad you made it to the meet, fresh in the Phuket tomyam scent..heh..heh. The privy in the car helped a lot. Thank god yah, I didn’t mix up the names for that would have made it in to my cringe list then.

Yess…as collectively “yeah-ed” yesterday, we’ll have another meet. I am extending the invitation to everyone to my humble home, as the venue to our next “happening plus gempaq” session.

Thank you all, thanks for making me smile even till this very moment!!


Kak Teh said...

kay, I knew must have been a blast and am sulking because i missed it all.

kay_leeda said...

Kak Teh,

Alah...don't be sad!!! Sedih kita orang tau. WE WILL HAVE ANOTHER ONE when you get back to Tanah Melayu, that I PROMISE you. In the meantime, you enjoy your reads from our postings.

Now, can we see that big smile on your pretty face??

Queen Of The House said...

Wow, very very happening makcik bloggers meet!! I can imagine the noise level at the Concorde!!

Way to go!

Ummi365 said...

wah.. i have been waiting since morning..manalah update ni.. voila at last.. kak kay dah bersembang.. nice knowing you..

eh nantii kita pi shenzen nak. kita kasi rock itu place jugak.. bila tu? tak taulah since my only route for outing now is abudhabi jerk.. boringkan..

it was nice meeting each and everyone of us,.. i have new friends now.. more friends infact.. yang sama kepala..

sungguh ku tak sangka bukan i sorang je gementar.. yang lain pun gementar jugak but all of you look lovely..

wanshana said...


Yes, it was really nice to have met up with you finally, but a pity tak sempat nak borank-borak panjang. Next time kena buat macam musical chair baiiikkkk punyer so that everybody will be able to mingle mongle (and we'll probably need to start from breakfast sampai lah ke dinner time!)

Looking foward to the next get together!

kay_leeda said...


Memang happening!! Guess next time Concorde would think twice about allowing bloggers to meet at their premise, esp Makcik bloggers like us :)

kay_leeda said...

Yezza Ummi!!

Hai..whole morning ader things to submit plus a short meeting after that. Tu pun curi-curi writing, fearing I'd miss the details.

Nak pi Shenzhen??? Bolehhssss...siapa lagi nak ikut??

Us lovely?? Of course!! Yang penting we are happy the way we are and what were are doing kan :)

kay_leeda said...


The pleasure is mine too. Next time we'll have to put up some music and get everyone to move around to do the musical chair thingy yah :)

No probs, next round we start with morning tea, then lunch, followed by hi-tea and dinner (ala-ala gomen seminar gittu, 6 meals...heh.heh) If still not enough, then we sambung mamak teh tarik daaa....

Naz said...

sounds so meriah. I don't know half of the people mentioned here but will definitely check them out due to their high fun-factor :D

and my vw is *glede* which is happiness in Norsk ! :)

tireless mom said...


Next venue is your place. I bet you were so teruja to post this one despite the meetings and hard work today. Make sure ABE is around bila meet at your place, siap with v cam lagi.

kay_leeda said...

Naz, was kecoh and meriah to the max. Imagine 14 ladies in one room, it was utterances full with interjections.

Indeed it was pure *glede*

kay_leeda said...

Err...ABE to be around during the next meet?? "Tet" wrong answer :)

I'll be checking his outstation schedule soon to see when he'll be away. That way, we can really go footloose, everybody cut footloose!!

Ezza Aziz said...

sori la lambat komen ni..semalam seharian akak dapat migrane...adoi...macam nak pecah kepala ni..apa sebab migrane..sbebab berjam jam mengadap pc ni ,nak upload gambar..sampai lupa nak makan..punya la teruja akak ni...macam budak budak hehehe

mamasita said...

Hai Kay!Wahduh wahduh!Seronok day eh?Sampai MIL pun terpinga2 knapalah menantu aku harini?Punyalah meroket ke bloggers meet!
Sampai you kena anta PA you remind your darling suruh cepat!!hehehe
I know!I pun pakai ramai PAs kat rumah!hohoho

ms hart said...

Kay oh Kay!!!!! What else do I say? Alamak, macam rhyme lah pulok!! Kang terjadi pantun Pak Malim kang!! Adoiii!! Eeee..still smiling, still rewinding, still Sunday the 21st of Dec 2008 it is in my mind 'calendar'!!

Soooo glad I finally met you (ni dah berapa ratus kali I cakap daaa???) and look forward to meeting up again at YOUR pot!!! Opss, yes, yes, lemme be your 'eye of the Melaka sky' for that car registration number dot dot dot, dot dot, dot dot. Wokkay!! Luv ya sista!!

MrsNordin said...

Thanks Kay... my jaw ni dah sakit, tak habis2 senyum dari pagi tadi!

myheartbleeds said...

love the photos, love the photos... semua nampak so girang & gumbira!!

next one at your place?? can't wait nih!! :-D bila agaknya in Jan tu... hehe tak sabo nak tau and put it down on my calendar!!

kay_leeda said...

Kak Ezza,

La...ingat kan mana gi lepas melting kat Pot kita hr Ahad lalu. Keterujaan tu telah naik ke kepala eh? Sampai migrain...kesian nyer.

Tekan tak bawah ibu jari, itu yg diberitau oleh boss saya dulu. Saya ader gak buat, at times times tak.

You take care kak!!

kay_leeda said...

Dear Mamasita,

Meroket memang naik rocket balik dr Sban ke Shah Alam. Tekan minyak sampai ke lantai my daughter said. Nasid baik the father was zzzz after the nasi minyak..LOL!!

Great day it was last Sunday. Next meet my place. Jommss join!!! Kuantan to KL in a jiffy dah boleh sampai :)

kay_leeda said...

Ms Hart,

Yar lorr...still smiling. Tak pe kan, dapat pahala dok senyum-senyum (asal others dont think we are "kuku" or something sudah lah)

Yezzza...the next one at my Pot. Ni dah start memikir what to jamu u all dah ni :))

Nak tumbang lembu ke, kambing ker, ayam ker....kah..kah!!

Eye in the sky...nanti kita discuss eh. But no worries, saja je nak gempaq my son!

kay_leeda said...


Let's see if the jaw thingy gets better or worst by the second meet!! Rasanya lagi gempaq kot :)

kay_leeda said...


Yess dear, next one ot my place in Shah Alam. You MUST try to make it. Meh siap-siap bagi bila days yg tak pi training/jalan-jalan etc etc in Jan. Kita block awal-awal.

Anonymous said...


I can see that you're a warm person..memang i pun rasa tak puas borak dgn you..mmm, I am a naturally quiet person.
Tumpang lalu sikit, I tried to comment on tireless mom's blog tapi x boleh. Just wanted to tell her that I just remembered on my way home that she's my cousin's batch kat stf-Haiza Abd Hamid.


kay_leeda said...

Busybody (whom you are not :))

No worries, nanti we borak sampai ke pagi yeah. Ahh tu dah jadik pyjama party pulak kan..heh..heh.

Oh..I'm sure TM will drop by again and get your message. Btw, were you from THE all girls boarding school in Sban tu? What year eh, if I may ask.

tireless mom said...

Tumpang lalu Kay, to Busy Body

Alamak sorry lah you tak dapat post comment. Nanti I check kan for you ok. Yes I remember Haiza. Kirim salam kat dia and please tell her we are having the srikandi 83 meet @ same Pot from 1 to 5 pm this Sunday 28th Dec.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kay!

Yeap..I am from that school, SPM 84. Are you from there as well? If yes, no wonder u look familiar..


kay_leeda said...


I was not from that school. Me day school only mah, but in Sban lah. Reason why I asked is because my two best friends were also from there. If you get the chance to read other postings on my travels,esp the one on the "Bajaj Experience" you'll see them - Muni & Jupe. Do you know them? SPM81

zaitgha said...


glad that we met...enjoyed my time with all of you on Sunday....lambat comment nih monday until this afternoon i kat PD tak der net pulak hissshhhh...

hope to see u soon