Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 2 - Sunset by the Pier

About 10 minutes walk from the apartment, was a fishing pier overlooking the city and houses along the Swan River.

Spotted this sporty one parked by the road

Rows of attractive town houses

Another hot wheels..and Faris just had to pose by it :)

As the sun started to set...

Beautiful the sun set further

Faris admiring the sunset spectacle


tireless mom said...

So many stories and pics of Perth. If Beunos Aires, ha.... can make journal yah!

Think I have to start saving a thousand bucks a month for the trip. Can ah? Hmmm... very doubtful.

kay_leeda said...


Ooo...Buenos Aires would require a detailed travel journal. Perhaps its own dedicated blog. Must write about everything that's seen, smelled, tasted. Perhaps that would require an upgrade of the present photo taking gadgets too. DSLR ker?? Hah.hah...

Yah, save you must, to go see the gauchos and live tango!!! Kena pecah tabung ayam la nampaknya ni...