Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bye Bye Perth

Howdie y'all folks!! My apologies for the silence. We are already at Perth International and will be boarding shortly. It's been a good holiday for the family.

We'll be in KL by midnite, InshaAllah. Again a short post this one is. Will update soon, plus pics and all.


tireless mom said...

How come Nissa's face is a lot happier when leaving time comparing to the time she arrived at Perth?

mamasita said...

What a lovely Christmas tree..Decoration yang paling cantik is that very sweet,satisfied 'she had a great holiday' looking girl!haha

kay_leeda said...

Dear TM,

Haa...you know why the happy face??
PSP lite & slim did the job!!! Terjumpalah "benda alah" tu. Hai 3 orang dok corner ABE. In the end, he gave in. Yeahhh..kids were so happy.

More stories coming up :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Mamasita,

Yes indeed, it is that happy and sweet looking face that added the extra glow to the tree.

All in all I'm glad the kids enjoyed their hols. Tunggguuuuuu....for more stories yah :)

Queen Of The House said...

Very fortunate kids - getting to enjoy a great holiday and also getting a present that's the IN thing with most kids! I trust you and your hubby too had a grrrrrreatttt holiday, ya?

Kak Teh said...

so, you will be back to the grinding stone after a well deserved break?
when do we see the pictures?

rosesNtheboyz said...

cat wait to see the fabulous pics!


kay_leeda said...


This year was an exceptionally busy one for me. Was not around a lot of the times for them. The holiday was meant to make up for the lost times together.

Alhamdulillah, everything went well.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Kak Teh & Roses,

Wait ah juz a bit more, want to karang the story of the hols skit lagi :)

ms hart said...

Waiting and waiting to 'tumpang your holiday'...cepat lah kak oi!:)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Kay, have a good trip, Godspeed home and best regards, Lee.