Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 2 - Afternoon at the Museum

Western Australian Museum in Perth, a must visit when in Perth. It has abundance of collections of dinasours and other prehistoric animals. Didn't manage to snap many pics, camera battery sudah low...and trainee videographer was already exhaused :(


Ummi365 said...

kak kay,

please ambung with your cuti2.. mana tau ada rezeki i boleh pergi.. can use it as my reference.. i love doing tour on my own dari ikut package..we got time to ourself and explore things our own..kan.

kay_leeda said...


Will try to update bit by bit. Like you, part yang nak select pics and edit them yang takes time kan.

Yup...doing free and easy is more fun kan. It's a lot easier now with the Internet. No probs, I am more than happy to share my itinerary with all. Suka bila orang lain pun suka :))