Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 2 - Chilly and Wet Start

Oooo…it was cold when I woke up for my Subuh that morning. This was summer?? But how come it felt like early autumn?? Needless to say, I went back to slumber land after my two rakaat. Asalamualaikum, asalamualaikum, took off my telekung and crawled under the covers again. I looked at the time, and it was only 5.00am. I figured another hour of hiding under the covers and perhaps another dream of sailing on a big yatch into the seas, would be really good. ABE was already awake and watching the news on telly. He’s such an early raiser, the real opposite of me, this sleepy head.

I must have dozed off again in no time. Next thing I knew, it was already bright outside but there was no sun though. I got up and peeked out the windows and very much to my dismay, it was raining!!! Alah….how to go jalan-jalan in the rain. I ran away from the cats and dogs pouring in KL and just my luck that it was also wet in Perth. Tak pe lah, I said to myself. We’ll just see how things develop as it was still very early.

View out my window...wet..wet..wet day.

It was scrambled eggs and mushrooms that morning. Kids ate like no tomorrow and I think they must have finished that first loaf of bread they got from the grocery store yesterday. Sejuk kan, so berselera nak makan. Farah packed some sandwiches to go. Everyone was ready to explore Perth, rain or no rain. By the time we left the apartment, it was almost 10am and the earlier pour had stopped. Our destination that day was Perth City Centre. We walked to the bus stop which was just around the corner of the apartment. Tak sempat nak enjoy the mild cold weather dah sampai the bus stop. Back in KL, I have never gone on a bus ride to the city. Someone told me before that one could get molested while riding in the packed Rapid KL buses. Eeewww…horrid!!!

Houses across Preston Street

Bus wait on Canning Highway

Cold ya..Nissa??

The schedule said that next bus was to arrive in another 5 minutes. Okay that wouldn't be so bad, I thought. Kids were saying, “Sejuk lah Mama.” I told them InshaAllah it would get better. Saw the forecast on tv that it would be high of 24˚C that day. Not too bad actually. I like it when it was temperate like that, nice weather for walking.

Back home in Malaysia, I never gave two hoots about the weather forecast. Maybe the forecast shown on tv didn’t mean much to me as most of the time it’d be either “hujan setempat-setempat” or “panas hingga petang”. Talk about creativity, the lacking of it so to speak. It wasn’t until I went to study in the States that I knew how important it was to know what the weather would be like for the day, the high and the low temperatures, the wind chill factors and the humidity levels or if it was going to snow, or flurries or rain for that day. I remember one of our parents angkat giving us the advice about listening to the weather forecasts. Now a retired Datuk KSU, Uncle D*m*n*u*i, said this to my friends and I (yang semuanya baru sampai ke America’s Dairyland), “Kat sini kena listen to the forecast, so that boleh dress properly. Silap-silap weather sejuk and you don’t have enough layers on body. Surely hangpa semua tak mau kejung sejuk sebab weather kat sini bukan macam Malaysia.”

Okay enough said about the weather. The bus was punctual as expected and off we went on it. ABE took care of the fares and asked about the stop we should be getting off in the city later. And again as expected, the bus driver obligingly provided his assistance. Back home ada?? Entah tak tau…tak pernah naik bas, wouldn't know if such a courtesy ever existed. Since it was way after the morning hour rush, most of the passengers that rode the bus were senior citizens. Another thing that I must really applaud was the fact that the society is so considerate towards the seniors. They get the front seats in these public transports and the drivers were ever ready to assist them if necessary. Kita kat sini?? I wouldn't allow my Mom to take the bus to town, no way!! My personal view has it that it can be somewhat dangerous to make them ride on the buses.

We got down at St Georges Terrace, right smack in the middle of down town Perth. Our first destination for the day was the Tourist Info Cente in Wellington Street, not far from where we stopped, about three blocks away but we had to walk uphill to get there. And this was the official start of our Perth City walking tour.

The Perth City Centre, located alongside the blue waters of the Swan River, is much smaller than its sisters Melbourne and Sydney. It has rows of low rise shops and well preserved old buildings that have been converted into hotels or offices. What is beautiful about Perth is that it overlooks the Swan River, a real breath taking sight. The shopping areas, Murray and Hay Streets are the main shopping hypes in the city, lined with popular outlets like Myers, Woolworth, David Jones, Borders, Fossil, Benetton and many others. There are also parks providing that lush green looks to the city.

Threesome on the CAT bus

What is good about Perth is that, it provides free in city buses. Called the CAT (Central Area Transport) buses, they ply routes in the surrounding city area. There are three free CATS available, the Red, Blue and Yellow. Our first CAT ride was on the yellow CAT, where it took us to the East side of the city. And that was what we did, we went on one CAT and hopped on to the next. Indeed it was a good way to understand the city, from east to west.

Downtown Perth..quiet as it was still early

MYER...nampak je place to shop!!!

War heroes given a special place in the heart of Perth

Places we visited that day were the Museum of Western Australia, the Art Gallery, the Parliament House and the Supreme Court Gardens. Kids enjoyed themselves at the Museum, seeing a range of varied exhibits from dinosaurs to Aborigines. It was a whole day of canvassing Perth city and its surroundings.

The Parliament House

White roses...

View of down town Perth

Buildings all decorated for Christmas

Shopping outlets around the Murray Street Mall

Shopping area around London Court

Cepat la Mom...I'm hungry lorrr

One pose before we break for lunch

Street marching to the bank!!

Swan Bells (tall structure) in the background

The Supere Court Park area

Before jumpa the real Roo, posing with Mr Roo keras pun ok..

Skies getting dark...

Rain on its way. Let's break for lunch!!!


Anonymous said...

Komen Pak Malim, kucing ray yg alim.

Mmmmmm. Meleleh air liur saya, dengar scrambled eggs and mushroom, says the cat while holding a broom. Kay, saya nak tumpang rumah Kay, boleh? kata Pak Malim sambil memegang koleh. I'd like to have salmon steak, please. (Kata Pak Malim sambil memanggil polis). For dessert, how bout some fish cake? kata Pak Malim sambil tercekik. Ahak Ahak, tertawanya rongak. Then U can take me for a holiday, with Manis and kitten, says the cats who is wearing a mitten.

Ezza Aziz said...

haha haahaa pak malim,
best jugak walau pun tergaruk kepala!
Kay...oh naik bas ya! Kat Malaysia ni rasa nya setahun berapa kali you naik bas! tapi bas kat sini MashaAllah seksa nya...dah lah la main ikut waktu dia jer,bas penuh ngan mat bangla dan nepal....

kay_leeda said...

Pak Malim kucing ray yang alim

It was just simple dishes that I cooked in Perth, says Kay while checking the berth. You are most welcome to drop by Pak Malim, Kay sedia juadah seadanya, sambil tengok pokok kedeleknya.

You also want to join me on a holiday ka?? Jomss...lepas ni kita pi Africa!!

Kesiannya pak malim tercekik, kata Kay yang dok teringin makan ayam percik.

kay_leeda said...

Kak Ezza,

Saya takut nak naik bas kat sini. Memang ramai Indon, Bangla & Nepal kata budak-budak office saya. Kita yang penat-penat bayar tax, they all yang merasa nikmatnya.

Haa..macamana tu kan??

myheartbleeds said...

you guys had funnn!! I love the pic of you and Nissa on the green. Frame it up!!

kay_leeda said...


I was thinking of getting the pic printed and framed too. Since she's the youngest, banyak lah pics of her. The brother and sister dah malas nak berposing and bergambar bagai dah. Kena paksa and only then they will oblige....grrrrr.