Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why Perth???

Distance wise, it was just about right, just a little more than 5 hours onboard from KL. Plus we have been to Australia some years ago. However, Nissa who was only 8 months then didn’t come along. She was still a baby and traveling from Melbourne to Brisbane and then up to Gold Coast and lastly ending the tour in Sydney would have been too much for her. Now it was her turn to experience Australia just as the other two siblings had.

However all these plans wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t managed to obtain the FREE tickets to Perth when Air Asia first launched flights to its third Aussie destination. I remember that night I was working late, trying to make some sense on the project costing which was emailed to me earlier. When midnight struck, I went to Air Asia’s website, just to check, no real intention to actually purchase tickets. The site was packed and all I got was the “Page Error” message. Tried for a couple more times and the same page kept popping. I gave up after a short while and continued “massaging” the numbers in my costing sheet. I finalized my numbers around four that morning. I figured I’d just need a good 2-3 hours of sleep and I’d be okay to do the presentation later in the day. Feeling highly saturated with numbers, I knew there was no way I could doze off yet. So I figured, let’s give the Air Asia website another try. At one click I was in and the next thing I knew I was checking for suitable dates to head Down Under. Well, as anyone who had booked Air Asia tickets before would know, the tickets were not really “free” – as in not having to pay a single dime. There were still the tax and the admin fee to be forked up. All in all I paid about a quarter of what other airlines were charging and for all 5 of us, the ticket price totaled slightly more than 4k. I really thought it was a bargain as the last time we went, I think ABE paid a bomb for the tickets, of course we flew on Singapore Airlines that time.

I have traveled many times on AA and I have no serious cases of wanting to pick bones with them. Other than the usual delay, and the stewardesses in bright red, tight fitting and short skirts (whose English can be atrocious at times), I figured I could bare with the whole thing for a couple of hours. Plus I wasn’t traveling alone, the children were coming along and I was sure we’d be able to keep each other company. It was around 4.20am when I finally hit the submit button and the booking was confirmed not long after that. Wow…it was that simple and yesss…we are heading Down Under!!! And we'd be able to have these experiences in Perth.

Before I dozed off, I told ABE who was deep in his sleep that I’ve booked 5 tickets to Perth for December. I wondered if he was actually able to make out what I was uttering, but I thought I did see his eyes opened wide!! And before I dozed into slumber land, I asked him to help stash away my credit card, fearing I’d go do more damages both on and off line. Needless to say, I had a good presentation that day, very much owing of the “hard work” I did in the wee hours earlier.


Kak Teh said...

wah, i have never been to australia. and although i was there at air asia london kl launch - i did not book any tickets. Now kicking myself. welcome back!

kay_leeda said...

Kak Teh,

There are many options on budget travel now and many are taking that opportunity to get bargains. AA is one leader in this for now. I do hope it stays this way, you'll never know kan during this bad financial times.

Yeah, I could kick myself too on AA's promo London tickets. Tak pe lah who knows there will be other offers.

I'm back yes...fully recharged. Had meetings with the Bosses today. Ahh...the whole cycle has started.

I didn't get to wish you Happy Anniversary that day. WoW...29 years yah :) and going very strong. Way to go kak, may you and AG diberikan murah rezeki, cinta abadi bekekalan hingga ke akhir hayat.

Naz said...

Kay! You're back!!
DH has just finished reading a book about pearl divers in Broome. Dah berkobar kobar semangat nak ke Australia next summer..haha!

mamasita said...

Even though you slept at 4am, you managed a good presentation that morning?Brapa jam you tidur?O my God,you tak ngantuk ke?

Air Asia (kalau long distance),is it comfortable?Kerusi dia tak sempit?I have not been on AirAsia,so nak tahu jugak extra detail.Thats the most affordable airline for me should I go to the UK to jumpa my son kat Liverpool!Tu pun tengah angan2 besar ni!

So happy that you're back..What a great treat your kids must have had kan?Budak2 memang seronok holiday Kay.Bila tengok they all dapat enjoy sikit2,kita parents memang gembira tak terkata!They dont know how much we love them,so so much!

Queen Of The House said...

Kay, I guess kalau nak dapat access to hot sites (eg masa tengah sale) kena wait for the wee hours. You naik Air Asia X ke? The one with the bigger seats? I have never flown Air Asia, though. That one time I flew to Melbourne, bila nak boarding dapat seat upgrade to business class, wakakakaka, syok!!

Sometimes MAS has better bargains, cuma kena be resourceful sikit lah.

kay_leeda said...


Yess..I'm back. Go Down Under you must, lots of new discoveries, natural and beautiful landscape.

I'll share my travel itinerary in later postings, you are most welcome to copy paste :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Mamasita,

I ni burung hantu, jgn tak tau..heh..heh :) I guess it's occupational hazard dah ni, getting about 2 hours sleep and having to go on for the rest of the day non stop. But I do get to qada' sleep on weekends.

Yes the Perth trip was on AA-X. The seats are bigger as it's the Airbus 330. Pretty comfortable, but I do suggest that you bring along your own blanket as they don't provide any like MH. Kalu nak kena beli the selimut :(
And the aircond is very, very cold...brrrr.

I don't want to say much about MH services here as they have nothing much to shout about anyway. Unlike those gemilang, terbilang MH days, where you feel proud boarding MH. Now the sudu is plastic and of the worst quality I have ever seen, pathetic!!

Grab the AA & AA-X promos coz they do give you the best deals around. Else to Liverpool, try Emirates. A friend got really good bargain last year when the tickets went like goreng pisang panas for RM1600!!

Pi lah melawat your son, surely he'd welcome Mommy fussing over him once in a while :)

Waterlily said...

HAHAHHAHA...I couldnt stop laughing at the way you described your hubby's eyes poppped open (in the midst of his slumber pulak tu..)when you told him you just purchased the tickets to sure it was a nice suprise for him and your children.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Queen,

Yes, try get tickets in the wee hours. Tak pe tido lah dulu before midnight and once the clock hits 12, hah, go on your fast clicking mode :)

AA-X seats are bigger, not too bad lah. But let's not go comparing AA to the other established airlines.

Upgraded to biz class? Ahh..lucky you coz MH does that at times kan. Very true, now MH does bargains here and there. If you rasa AA's website is bad during promotions, try MH's when they give offers. Nak get to the Home page pun tak boleh!! I gave up many times.

kay_leeda said...


My hubby sleeps like a log but "kejutan" like this will definitely get not only his eyes opened but also on his toes :)

My kids didn't know about the trip till just recently. Susah juga nak keep the secret from them, especially when they were like wondering how come I allowed Bibik to be off for so long. Rupa-rupa nya got udang behind the noodles...LOL.