Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Gastronomical Nasi Padang Lunch

The spread...
"Hungry as a bear". That was how we were when we walked into the Nasi Padang eating shop. And the time was only 11.00am, which was actually 12noon KL time. Padan la lapar dah....

Goreng Ayam Kampung...ya ampun...

The Nasi Padang shop, though it was a small one, had a variety of lauk ready for our savouring. The young shop assistant brought to our table chicken (ayam kampung lagi!!), rendang, fish, squid and some vege dishes. I asked if he had gulai otak (brain) but he replied, "Ngak ada." Ahhh....tak de pulak my favourite dish tu. Not many people know how to eat this particular cholesterol rich dish. But who cared kan? After all we were on holiday. Apa lagi nak buat....makan and jalan-jalan, makan again and jalan-jalan some more. It wasn't like we had meetings to attend ker, iyer tak?

Ahh legaa....Alhamdulillah

We had a good lunch that afternoon. It was sinfully gastronomical delicious and cheap too. I normally don't take rice but that day was an exception. Sedap sangat....ini lah yang dikatakan kalu mother in law jalan belakang pun tak notice.

Next....let's hit the shops!!

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