Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Brother's Land Mall

Ha..ha..ha...what a name eh? The name of the place is actually Tanah Abang Mall. We renamed it to Brother's Land Mall, tribute to Jupe's brothers who are in UK...heh..heh. Don't quite recall how this brother and mall name association thingy came about. Must have been talking about Jupe's brothers before that I guess.

Tanah Abang Mall is a huge shopping place, packed to the brim with goods and friendly sellers calling out at you when you pass their shops. Almost all of the sellers would call out to you this phrase in a sing song manner, "Belanja Ibuk...Bole Ibuk...Lihat Ibuk." Mark my words on this, you just can't resist but stop and have a look. So bila dah stop tu, maknanya, ada la yang bakal TERBELI (read: tidak sengaja nak membeli, but barang tu dah ada invisible label saying...buy me...buy me!! excuses, excuses, justify jangan tak justify)

Some of the stuffs we got from Tanah Abang Mall

The cotton fabrics ... sent to my tailor last week & siap jadi baju pun :-)

So what did we get here? Lots of telekung of various designs. Fashionable tops and busana muslim blouses. Our most applaudable discovery was the cotton fabrics at the lowest floor of the mall. Tekstil Suryadi was the name of the shop and we went like mad women asking the Tante to show off the beautiful fabrics in her shop. The price....waduh..kok murah banget deh!!! These were no ordinary cotton fabric. The fabrics were mostly satin and Japanese cotton, the ones I could only get in Madinah or Mekah previously. So, apa lagi...jom borong kain cotton.

Muni : How many pieces of telekung do we need yah?

Jupe : Many, many lerr...

One of the telekungs from IR's shop

Those telekungs come in beautiful bags...wooo...kelassss...so datiny!!

We also came across one telekung shop which carried different telekungs as the other mainstream shops. The telekungs were such beauties. So soft, so sweet looking. Haiii...terjebak dengan telekung la pulak ni. Both Jupe and Muni got a few pieces I think. Tak ingat berapa pieces dah. But suffice to say the purchase was really worth it coz I am positively sure that we wouldn't be able to get such fine quality stuffs at such a price in KL. Before we left with our telekung purchases, the guy passed us his business card. When I looked at the card, I saw the title "IR" next to the name in the card. Hai...tu title for Ingénieur (Engineer). Kot la engineer yang design telekung?? Lepas di interview mamat tu, rupa-rupanya memang he's an engineer, a civil engineer lagi. Gosh..se profession with ABE (but awat nya ABE knows zilch about telekung eh??? soalan cupumas tu...kah..kah!!)

Happy and satisfied with our purchases for the day, we decided to head back to our hotel. Our legs were tired from the walking and we have not done our solat yet. Shopping, shopping gak...solat cannot tinggal lerr.

We got ourselves a bajaj (something like a tuk-tuk in Thailand) to bring us back to the hotel. It was really a wonder how three of us could fit into that small thing. Our sizes...ehem..ehem....tengok je lah our pictures. Unfortunately our bajaj driver took the wrong turning and he couldn't find the way to our hotel. However, he was one determined person as he stopped and asked at least 4 times until he finally found our Paragon Hotel. Hot and very nicely squeezed in the bajaj thingy, I could feel my sweat running down from my head right to my toes.

After a good 20 minutes of going in circles, the driver finally found our hotel. Fuuhhh...what an adventure that was. Alhamdulillah...selamat sampai.

Next, Paragon Hotel..no such thing!!

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