Monday, September 1, 2008

Countdown Completed

Both my countdowns to Jakarta and Shenzhen have completed. Although both trips were squeezed in between my busy work schedule and back to back deadlines, I am so happy I was able to make the trip. was like treading on thin ice. But if there is a will there is a way.

I hope to write more of both mine and my girlfriends' gallivants - Splurge and Spa in Jakarta and 3Gs in Shenzhen. However, at this point in time I guess it suffices to put some interesting pictures of both trips, just to get the suspence building. I'll try to make the postings alongside the observance of Ramadhan and the catching up of work after the many weeks of being away.

The "bajaj" - our favourite mode of transport in Jakarta. Gets you to your destination in a jiffy.

Me posing infront of the AnyaH store

Handbags galore at Mangga Dua (aka MangDu by the locals)

The purchases.... (ni baru a third of the total splurge damage)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pictures from 3Gs in Shenzhen

Streets of Shenzhen

One of the many condoms found in our room....but till balik tak digunakan pun..heh...heh. Should have experimented on isi water in them and test their durability..kah..kah!!

Map of Shenzhen Metro

Yesss...Jupe & Rose...that's the Kippling I WANT!!!

One of the many interesting billboards..check out the Super Deep V

More to come sooooonnnnnnnnn.....


her said...

wahhh.. bestnya shopping!

mmg parah poket pn kay balik ni kan?


sorry sgt2, ain xdpt dtg sbb ada family gathering. ain dah pesan kat kak zue.. maybe dia pn x dtg kot?

nissa, tuh sebijik sgt dgn cousin ain, pn cute jugak!

nnt ain buat 1 post pasal diorg. ain pinjam 1 pic nissa yer!

kay_leeda said...


Shopping mmg ler best. But bila dah balik, duk diam-diam je lah.

Oh really Nissa has a pelanduk dua serupa? Yes you may use her pic. Let me know when yr posting is out.

~Pn K~

Kartini said...

Aduhhh...cantik bangat dong!!

her said...

Ain dah buat posting abt them. :D

kay_leeda said...


Thanks for the posting. Interesting yah...both Nissa & yr cousin how much similarities in their looks.

~Pn K~