Tuesday, September 2, 2008

From Kuala Selangor to Jakarta

The few days to the Jakarta trip put both my patience and judgement to test real hard. The streak of crazy deadlines almost drove me up the wall. Back to back meetings with clients plus an encounter with a rather nasty email almost had my temper flaring. I almost had a breakdown. But I told myself to hang in there and none of these unnecessary stress was going to break me. Everytime the content of the nasty email bugged me, I managed to brush it aside. I figured some people were just complete jerks and so be it. (gosh, I'm amazed by the fact that this luahan rasa comes out now, many weeks after it actually happened.)

I was in Kuala Selangor a day before my Jakarta trip. I had no emotions whatsoever about the trip. No burning desires to pack. Neither did I feel I was going to make it onboard the aircraft the next morning. After my meeting in Kuala Selangor, I went back to the office and gave my boss an update of what happened at the meeting in Kuala Selangor. Then there were emails to send out and a few update reports to complete. At 6.00pm, about 9 hours to the time I was to leave for the airport, I was still in the office, bersilat with work. By 7.00pm I just couldn't take it anymore. I just had to go home and rest a while.

Had a quick dinner and headed straight to the shower. Then it was back to work. Giler kan?? No end to all these madness. In between my emails, I packed my luggage and got organized for the trip. I finally sent the last email at 1.50 in the morning and by then I wasn't sleepy anymore. I did housekeeping on my camera, deleted those unwanted pictures and transfered the rest of the pictures to my external hardisk. Dah tak tau nak buat apa lagi...takkan nak go to sleep. Sure tak bangun nanti.

LCCT packed with travellers

My airport pickup arrived at 3.30am. As usual Dolah, Muni's hubby had volunteered to send us to LCCT. Upon seeing Jupe and Muni, my spirits were uplifted. I AM ACTUALLY GOING TO JAKARTA that morning!!! Yesssss....Yessssss.....Yesssssss.........

Two very happy faces.... Jakarta here we come!!!

We arrived at LCCT around 4.00am. The check in counter wasn't opened yet. So we decided to go to Mc Donald's to have our favourite pancake and coffee. Ahhh...what a refresher and after the cuppa I was wide awake. LCCT was packed with travelers. I guess they were also like us, suckers for the good deals offered by AA. Thus, explaining their presence at the aiport in the wee hours of the morning.

The plane...the plane....

Yezzaa....off we go!!

I performed Subuh prayers in the Surau at the boarding lobby and not long after that it was announced that we were to board our flight. It was only then I began to feel the excitement. WoW.....I'm really on my way to Jakarta!!! Excited nyer!!! Seronok nyer!!!!! Can't wait to get there!!!

Next, safe landing and hari libur di Kota Jakarta.

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